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Getting in a dog cage

If you have ever got into a dog's cage, by your wish or somebody else's, please complete this poll, and if you want, tell us your story on the message board! There seem to be many pictures on the internet featuring someone in a dog's cage, are you one of them?
Did you put yourself in the cage, or did somebody put you in?
I put myself in
I was put in by my brother/sister/cousin
I was put in by my friend
I was put in by my enemy
I was put in by my parent/aunt/uncle
I was put in by somebody else
Why were you in the cage?
I was put in for a laugh
I was put in because I was being annoying
I got in to show off
I wanted to get away from people and things
I like retreating to a confined space
I was a prisoner in a game
I was sent there as a punishment (not a game)
Was the door actually locked?
It was left open
It was closed or fastened, but I could still escape if I wanted
It was locked securely (perhaps with a padlock), so I really couldn't get out
Was anyone in the room (not the cage) with you?
People were staring at me
People were laughing at me
Someone was guarding me, to make sure I didn't escape
People were there, but ignoring me
I was left alone
How much room did you have in the cage?
Plenty of room to move about
Just enough to sit comfortably
I had to curl up uncomfortably to fit inside
Were you in the cage with anybody?
Yes, with a dog
Yes, with another person
How long did you stay in the cage?
1-5 minutes
5-15 minutes
15-30 minutes
30-60 minutes
1-2 hours
2-3 hours
3-6 hours
6 hours or more
What did you do in the cage?
Try and escape
Act like a dog
Tease the people outside
Just sit quietly
Read a book
Shout 'let me out!'
This poll was created on 2006-01-23 18:27:18 by Battty