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Gun Control in practice....

Having traveled extensively in both the USA and Brazil, I would like to see what people think about having guns for protection.
Should people be allowed to carry guns?
I think that nobody should be allowed to carry
I think that everyone should be allowed to carry
I think only a few people should be allowed
I couldn't care less
I think most people should be allowed to carry guns
Is shooting a criminal justifiable?
Only when he is a threat to your life or health
When he is taking something of great value
Any time caught commiting a felony
It is never justifiable to take somebody's life
I don't know or care
Are guns in schools ever justified
No, remember Columbine High School
No, guns are for adults not kids
Yes, school gun clubs are great
Yes, my pop used to store his hunting rifle in his locker (he never killed anyone either)
Well I really don't know
Do guns in the hands of responsible citizens help fight crime?
Yes, fear is a definite factor in detering crime.
Yes, dead criminals will never harm anyone else.
Yes, but who is a responsible citizen?
No, violence only breeds more violence.
No, those who resist are hurt by their own guns.
No, Guns are evil.
I don't know or care.
In which country would you feel safest as a tourist? (America has some gun control) (Brazil has total gun control) (Paraguay has no gun control)
America, in spite of the fact that people are allowed to carry guns around with them.
America, because people are allowed to carry guns around with them.
Brazil, in spite of the fact that you will be robbed 90% of the time.
Brazil, because guns are evil and people there are absolutely forbidden to possess or use them
Paraguay, because I like the far west and want to be able to shoot back during gang warfare
Paraguay, because people deep down are good and would never hurt me.
What is your political party?
Far Left
Far Right
Does gun control help keep guns out of the hands of criminals?
Always, gun control makes it impossible for criminals to get guns
Sometimes, gun control makes it more difficult for criminals to get guns
Never, criminals don't go through the regular channels anyway.
I don't know
Can strict gun control backfire and have harmful effects?
No, guns are evil, the fewer there are the better
Yes, only the good abide by the laws, criminals have less fear of resistance
This poll was created on 2006-02-07 14:42:26 by I like Bush