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Is MILOTIC really the "most beautiful Pokemon"???

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In the games' Pokedex and animes, they say Milotic (Feebas' evolved form) is the "most beautiful Pokemon", and I'm like "what the heck?"... So just interested in other's opinions about this: is Nintendo a weirdo or it's just "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" LOL!

Do you think Milotic is the "most beautiful Pokemon"?

52% (154) Yes
47% (137) No

291 voters have answered this question.

If not, then who should it be? (If your answer isn't in my list, plz post it in the comments section, but plz BE SENSIBLE, i.e. DON'T tell me Muk or Weezing etc.)

1% (4) Rayquaza (Not quite beautiful, but cool enough!)
33% (75) Gardevoir (This is my choice - beautiful, cool and cute!)
0% (1) Misdreavus (Not that beautiful, but cute!)
1% (3) Blissey (Same as above)
2% (6) Pikachu, or Pichu, Raichu (LOL)
19% (44) Dragonair, or Dratini, Dragonite
3% (7) Lati@s
1% (4) Delcatty
4% (10) Beautifly
3% (8) Rozelia
9% (22) Mew
1% (4) Ho-Oh
14% (34) Suicune
2% (5) Lugia (Again, not so beautiful, but cool!)

227 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2006-01-11 13:10:41 by Solarys
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