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Dyslexia Fun Questions

What is the most unique thing about being Dyslexic?
What is the funniest thing that has happened to you because you are dyslexic?
Read sign wrong & ended up in embarressing place
Sat wrong exam or got certificate you didnt earn
Attended wrong event & participated
Driven along wrong road & had funny result
Joined an odd club by mistake
Ate the wrong meal - you read menu wrong
Wrong present given or received
In the scenario & had to pretend who you were
Wrong place, date, time, but pretended all OK
Pretended to know a book & everyone impressed
Told family things & they believed you
Job interview that went wrong, but was funny
Buying in shop/cinema/theatre/outlet went wrong
Driving mayhem
Anything involving animals
Anything involving children
Anything involving elderly
My Dyslexia SuperSense power is (something others dont have)...
Extrasight - seeing things others cant
Extrahear - perception of what others cant hear
Extrasmell - association of senses with smell
Extratouch - seeing/smelling/hearing what you touch
Extrataste - tasting what isnt there & more
ESP - extra powers of perception everywhere & all inter related
Dyslexia is a medically diagnosed close family condition... (all responses must relate to blood relatives)
My Mum has it
My Dad has it
My Sister has it
My Brother has it
My Aunt has it
My Uncle has it
My Grandmother has it
My Grandfather has it
My Daughter has it
My Son has it
My Age is...
9 - 19
20 - 29
30 - 39
40 - 49
50 - 59
60 - 69
70 - 79
80 +
My Gender is...
If I could say one thing about Dyslexia it would be...
It is a brilliant, funny gift
It is odd, bizarre, a challenge
I hate it
I love it
It is good to be different from other people
Other people see me as a challenge/different
Every day is different
I am sad it is genetic & my kids have it
I wish I was diagnosed as a child
I wish my life could have been different
I have no idea how normal people see the world
I wish everyone could experience dyslexia
Dyslexia makes life fun
Dyslexia causes Depression, S.A.D, other illness
I have no idea how my Dyslexic parent coped
I want to change the world to more tolerance
I want to make a difference
I want to be able to read/write normally
I want to hear/see normally
I want everything to be different
I want the World to accept me as I am
I want to be paid for my Genious Gift abilities!
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