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what would you do if.......

this is a poll that asks what u wuld do in different situations and ur reaction it reli funny
if u were walking down the street and someone called dylan who was 13 pulled up in a red pick up truck and said get in!we are going to mexico! what would you do?
scream and run
get in
tell him to get out+ hand him in 2 da police
persuade some mates To come with you then get in
if your boyfriend/girlfriend called you and was crying and said im at new look or whatever shop i need help, what would you do?
pick her/him up fast!
call their parents
ignore them.its probably a wind up
send her/his best mate to do it for you
if your mate said lets skip football club and go into town, would you.....
do it!
NEVER! you couldnt possibly...
weeel, just the once
consult your phycic first
grab all your friends and get them all 2 do it 2
if you were invited to a chav themed party what would you wear?
my addidas trackies, von dutch cap nd burberry!
whats a chav?
well my mummy would disapprove so i wouldnt go
maybe nike trainers,but apart from that,normal
total goth, just 2 be arkward+ different
if your boy/girl friend sudenly got depressed and went onto the roof of iceland and threatened 2 jump, would you........
scream, panick and have a total meltdown
calmly reason with them+persuade them 2 get down
run and hide in your room until its all over
get a parent/teacher to deal with it
go up there and die 2
What would you do if u fancied ur m8s really fit cousin, but he didn't like you?
Cry, and be depressed
Forget him
Maybe your wrong, try talking 2 him on msn
Just carrie on being crazy bout him
What would you do if found £100 in da street?
Finders keepers!!!
Give 2 the police, if would be stealing!
Keep it, the person who lost it paid the price.
Ignore it, then you don't have to worry
Rip it up, then it can'y bother anyone
Take it and give it 2 a needy course
If a really fit guy you knew called ????? drove up 2 u in a purple pick up truck, and said i love you come and run away with me, wot wud u do?
Say hi, and walk on
Get in, he's so FIT!!!
Say no thank babes
You don't fancy him, it would be crazy
You like him, and you hate ur life, its time 2 do sumthing insane
What would you do if a guy called Woodworth said, gosh hunni ur hot?
Slap him, wot a perve!!!
Raise ur eyebrows at him and walk on
flirt with him
snog him
go out with him
say thx n walk away
er he's a minger
er he hot!!!
This poll was created on 2005-12-19 21:05:02 by Jasperrabbit