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Best Dog Food

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I keep struggling with how to choose a dog food. Dog food recommendations are a Tower of Babble frustration. Everybody has a strongly held opinion that conflicts with everybody else's strongly held opinion. I’ve decided to ask people what they think is the best generally available dog food. It’s hard to make a complete list so I’ve probably missed somebody’s favorite dog food. In that case explain it in the forum/discussion area. I’ve tried not to repeat two lines of food by the same brand. Sometimes this is easy to do, like Hill’s Science Diet and Hill’s Prescription Diet, but in other cases it isn’t so obvious, so if I’ve boo-booed, explain it politely in the forum/discussion area. I have tried to limit the choices to widely available brands. Please do not check more than 2 brands.

Which Brand Of Dog Food is Best?

7% (2) CANIDAE
10% (3) Chicken Soup
14% (4) Diamond
0% (0) Eagle Pack
7% (2) Eukanuba
7% (2) Hill's
35% (10) Iams
14% (4) Natura (Innova & California Natural)
3% (1) Natural Balance
7% (2) Nutro
3% (1) Old Mother Hubbard (Wellness)
0% (0) PRECISE
14% (4) Purnia
0% (0) Solid Gold (weird German names)

28 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2006-01-11 21:31:09 by dogbreath
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