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Dynasty Warriors battle 1

vote on who would win between:
Guan Ping VS. Ling Tong (Big Sword) (Nunchuks)
Guan Ping! He would cut down Ling Tong easily
Ling Tong would deffinatly pound Guan Ping
Tie they would cancel each other out, Duh!
they both suck
there is no way they would fight anyway
Guan Yu VS. Zhang Fei (Black Dragon) (Viper Blade)
God of War, of course!
oooh the almighty Zhang Fei would destroy!!
Tie, they're both too good
uh, hello, they wouldn't fight, DURR!
They suck (?)
Zhou Tai VS. Xiahou Dun (Looong swooord)(The 'Dun' sword)
Zhou Tai will slice Dun into pieces! Ha Ha!
Tai will be found in half with a hole in his face
MMHMMM... Oh, look a Tie!
these two would never fight... duh
these two men...uh...suck
Sun Jian VS. Sun Ce VS. Sun Quan (sword) (tonfas) (another sword!)
Daddy slays his little children
Father and younger bro Quan are left unconcious
Quan would dominate
they all suck golfballs through a waterhose
think, they would never fight
Dian Wei VS. Xu Zhu (hand axe) (big boulder stick)
Dian Wei would leaxe Zhu headless
Xu Zhu would upmost dominate Dian Wei
whats this... a TIE!!
Wei officers suck
Zhou Yun VS. Zhou Yu (Spear) (sword)
Zhou Yun would slaughter Yu in one blow
Yu would outwit outsmart and outfight Yun anytime
both guys are horrible
this battle would never come to pass
another tie
Lu Bu VS. Diao Chan (spear) (maces)
Diao Chan would be left a lifeless corpse
Lu Bu couldn't take lil miss Chan
i say a tie
halt, flag on the play... unrealistic battle
Bu and Chan both suck
Yuan Shao VS. Dong Zhuo (both have weird swords)
The Yuan family wins again!
Another gall falls to the great Dong Zhuo!
suck does them both
impossible they would never fight(in case your clueless)
Ma Chao VS. Cao Cao (Spear) (Sword)
Ma Chao The Splendid shall victor over all who oppose him
Lord Cao Cao's ambition can't be stopped even by Ma Chao
a very close tie
this two wouldn't even fight
they suck equally (?)
Wei Yan VS. Cao Pi (double spear)(dual swords)
Wei Yan will quickly disspose of the likes of Cao Pi
The wonderous Cao Pi shall rip Wei Yan limp from limb
after a complex battle it would end in... a tie
this battle wouldn't even happen in the first place (looks at me stupid like)
They both suck anyway
Zhang Jiao VS. Pang Tong (both have mystical staffs)
OOOOH Buddy! The Yellow Scarves shall D-D-Destroy the enemy!
Hey! Pang Tong will have defeated an officer!
both shall remain standing at the end
these two aren't even in the same time period!!
Wizards SUCK!!
Zheng Ji VS. Sun Shang Xiang VS. Yue Ying VS. Xing Cai VS. Zhu Rong VS. Da Qiao VS. Xiao Qiao (out of breath)
Zheng Ji will bust all there eardrums
Sun shall shank them all into pieces
Yue Ying will dominate with all her invention plus her spear
Xing Cai daughter of Zhang Fei will overpower all!
Zhu Rong and her nanman instincts will deffinatly win
Da Qiao will reign over the others including her sister
Xiao Qiao will bombard the enemy with strength and beauty
somehow... i don't know but IT WILL end in a tie
Females suck (looks around room... Laughs)
c'mon now all these chicks fighting; not possible
Liu Bei VS. Sun ____ VS. Cao Cao (sword)(sword, tonfas, sword)(sword)
The man of virtue shall arise victorious!
(one of three)The Sun Family shall prevail!
Those who oppose the ambition of Cao Cao DIE!!
give me a T, give me a I, an E, what's that spell... TIE!!
it world never, ever, ever, ever come to pass
Th-Th-Th-Th-They all S-S-S-Suck
(And now for the finaley...(Drum Roll Please))Wu VS. Shu Vs. Wei
SHUUU SHUUU (chuga chuga chuga chuga) SHUUU SHUUU!
Only Wei shall remain and defeat the pesky others!
No... don't tell me... Tie (?)
(Just for those who like to vote this)Never Happen
(And Of Course)The all suck like a horny vaccum cleaner
This poll was created on 2005-11-30 23:51:50 by MaChao_TheSplendid