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GIRLS: Do You Like Boys Who Are Big Babies?

This poll is for girls under the age of 21 only. Do any of you girls think it's cute when boys your age are more babyish than you? take this poll and give detail.
How old are you?
Have you ever had to babysit a boy the same age as you?
Yes loads of times
Yes once or twice
Yes I had to once
No Never
Have you ever had to dress a boy the same age as you or within a years difference?
Yes He is lazy
Yes Boy is disabled
Yes He liked me doing it
Yes Mom or other adult made me do it
Have you ever had to diaper a boy the same age or older than you?
Yes loads of times
Yes once or twice
Yes I had to once
No Never
If yes how many times have you diapered a boy your age or older?
only once
2-5 times
6-12 times
more than 12 times
Describe how he looked, smelled and felt:
He looked cute
He looked sexy
He looked stupid
He looked dirty
His bottom was smelly like a baby
His bottom stunk
His diaper smelled of pee
The front of his pants had a wet patch
He was wet and messy
If you have any brothers tick which apply to yours:
My brother still wets the bed
My brother wet the bed for much longer than me
My brothers bottom still smells
In the wash my brothers underwear always smell
My brother still wears diapers (over 6)
I change my brothers wet & dirty diapers
My brother poops his underwear
My brother has wetting accidents
My brother likes being babied
How old is your brother?
over 21
Do you feel excited seeing boys your age treated like babies?
Yes they're much cuter that way
Yes I do it myself
Yes It turns me on
Yes It maks me feel superior
A little bit
No not really
If you had a boyfreind that still wanted to wear diapers would you let him and change his diapers?
Yes I already change my boyfreinds diapers
Yes I would change his diapers
Yes I'd like it but I wouldn't change his diapers
It would be his decision but I wouldnt support it
No I'd dump him straight away
This poll was created on 2005-11-28 00:55:49 by Lil Cody