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50 cent VS. Eminem

To tough to decide
Who can rap better?
Eminem i have mad respect for him and everything thats he's been through
50 cent hes been through alot too and gots flo
Who's songs are better
Eminem's there mad funny and serious and really good
50 of course his songs are sexy, hot, and mad cool
Who's Albums Are Better?
Eminem their 150% personal and fun
50 there kinda personal too and good to dance too
Who's more immature?
Eminem, he makes fun of every celebrity especially in videos and cant take nothing seriously
50 hes tries to get his business in everyone elses and tries to battle everyone and make them hate each other
Who's hotter
EMINEM! he is one fly white boy and have you seen those ABS! he is so hot!
50! he has a nice body and is all muscle and has ABS of steel and hes pretty cute too
Who Can Act Better?
Eminem i was really surprised in "8 mile"
50 cent i liked his movie and he was a pretty good actor
Overall Whos Better?
Eminem the guy is funny his songs are good his albums are good hes really hot i love his movies and hes really really hot
50 hes kind of funny i guess? his songs are awesome his albums are good and hes really hot
Who would win in a fight?
Eminem would probably be a loose cannon and whop 50 you never know with him
50 would domolish Eminem with one hit
This poll was created on 2005-11-18 09:06:10 by csahe123