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Hurricane Wilma

I was recently in South Florida when Hurricane Wilma struck. She killed many people in the state, one right down the street from where my father lives, and left everyone in darkness for up to one week.
The National Hurricane Center in Miami is debating as to whether or not Wilma was a Category 3 storm. From looking at the news stories, do you agree?
Yes (I've never been in a hurricane)
No (What? Are they crazy???)
When Wilma struck Southwest Florida, her sustained winds as she traveled across the peninsula were clocked at 125 mph and her forward speed was 35 mph, giving her wind gusts of 160 mph. Knowing this, do you believe...
Wilma was a Category 3 hurricane.
Wilma was a Category 4 hurricane.
Wilma was a Category 5 hurricane.
If you had a choice of living anywhere in the U.S., would you live in a "hurricane zone"?
Yes (It might be adventurous)
No (Are you crazy?)
Do you believe that the 2005 Hurricane Season will go down in history?
Yes (First time the Greek alphabet was used as well as one hitting Spain)
No (It's just an ordinary season)
Some scientists believe that a thin coat of oil could weaken, or destroy, a hurricane. What do you think?
It's worth a try.
And pollute the beaches while they're at it?
It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature.
This poll was created on 2005-11-03 07:38:41 by Sasha_K