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Parent/Family Support Groups survey

For families who have a child or young adult with emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges

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Have you ever attended a parenting/family support group?
YES, I have attended a support group of this type
NO, I have never tried going to a support group
If you have never tried a parenting or family type of support group, have you considered it?
NO, it is not something I am interested in
YES, I have given some thought to finding a group to go to
What types of things would keep you going back to a support group after the first time?-please select all the choices that apply to you?
A regularly scheduled meeting day and time
Guest speakers on topics that I am interested in
Other members who have had issues similar to mine
A skilled group facilitator
The company of good listeners, as well as good talkers
A comfortable place to meet
Members with a proactive, positive outlook
Have you ever stopped going to a group because the group was not productive?
Does the personality of the group facilitator make any difference to those who attend?
What types of things would stop you from attending a support group?-please select all choices that apply to you
A parent who monopolizes the groups' time
My work schedule ran over into group time
Family issues prevented me from attending occasionally
A group without guidelines, rules and structure
My need for support changed
The group was boring
The group did not meet often enough to be helpful
The group was too much of a committment
Attending the group did not help me
Besides face to face support groups, have you found any value in online support forums?
I have found a little value with online support
Do you have any additional comments to share about what make a family/parenting support group work for you?
I have NO additional comments to add
YES, I do have additional comments
This poll was created on 2007-11-18 14:13:27 by Time Out for Families