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The Essence of Good Writing

What makes a writer good: his style, his vocab, sentence length, content, tone. Actually what makes a writer great?
First of all what is the summary statement that is true that makes a writer great. Please pick one.
I need a literary stylist. Style meaning: use of words and grammer, sentences flow, and artistic qualities. If he puts sentences together well I keep reading.
I need a plot master. I need an engrossing story or surprise twists. Plot meaning: the way the story is told, how the story develops, surprises, and powerful scenes.
For me I need characters as real as possible, honest, true, revealing. I want to feel that the people are real and alive, and when I come away from the book I want the character to still feel alive.
I need orginality and unique brilliance. I want a writer to do something that someone never did before. I want him to take an angle or a perspective that I haven't thought of.
I need to feel like I relate to the writer himself through what he writes, meaning, I need to empathize with him, feel his desires, imagine the person behind the writing. The more human the writer becomes the better the book is.
Please only pick two that matter most.
A good plot
Real, interesting characters
A human connection to the writer
Good wording and well-crafted sentences
Unique ideas and perspectives
This poll was created on 2005-10-22 17:16:03 by politico_mind