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Have you ever though about stupid useless things like; "who´s better for cloud; aeris or tifa?" well you´re in a place where you can solve your stupid but interesting doubts!!!
What is your favorite final fantasy?
1- Final Fantasy VII
2- Final Fantasy VIII
3- Final Fantasy IX
4- Final Fantasy X
5- Final Fantasy X-2
6- Final Fantasy XI
7- Final Fantasy Tactics
8- Final Fantasy Christal Chronicles
9- I hate them all...
10- Paine
Who is your favorite Hero?
1- Cloud Strife
2- Squall Lionheart
3- Zidane Tribal
4- Tidus whateverhislastnameis
5- Marche
6- Vaan
7- Paine
Who is your favorite heroine?
1- Aeris Gaingsborough
2- Rinoa Heartilly
3- Garnet Til Alexandros
4- Yuna
5- Ashe
Who is your favorite Cheerfull/stupid Final Fantasy Character?
1- Yuffie Kisaragi
2- Selphie Tilmit
3- Eiko Coral
4- Rikku
5- Penelo
Who is your favorite Bad Guy/Muscle with legs?
1- Barret Wallace
2- Irvine Kinneas (yeah right)
3- Amarant Coral
4- Wakka
5- Basche
6- Paine
Who is your favorite Female Lead wannabe?
1- Tifa Lockheart
2- Quistis Trepe
3- Eiko Carol
4- Lulu
5- Paine
6- Penelo
Who is your favorite FF7 character?
1- Cloud Strife
2- Aeris Gaingsborough
3- Tifa Lockheart
4- Barret Wallace (jaja)
5- Vincent Valentine
6- Yuffie Kisaragi
7- Red XIII
8- Cait Sith (oh, c´mon)
9- Cid Highwind
10- Sephirot
Who is your favorite FF8 character?
1- Squall Lionheart
2- Rinoa Heartilly
3- Zell Dyntch
4- Selphie Tilmitt
5- Irvine Kinneas
6- Laguna Loire
7- Kiros
8- Ward
9- Quistis Trepe
10- Edea Kramer
11-Seifer Almassy
who is your favorite FF9 character?
1- Zidane Tribal
2- Garnet Til Alexandros
3- Vivi Ornitier
4- Quina Quen
5- Eiko Carol
6- Freiya Crescent
7- Adalbert Steiner
8- Beatrix
9- Kujah
10- Ozma???
Who is your favorite FF10 Character?
1- Tidus
2- Yuna
3- Rikku
4- Lulu
5- Wakka
6- Kimahri
7- Auron
8- Seymour
9- Jecht
10- Lulu & Wakka´s Baby
Do you think ff X-2 is pure and smelly crap?
1- Yes absolutely, it is the worst game i´ve had the chance to play in my entire life
2- Kindda, is the gayest game ever!
3- No, is good, Yuna looks HOT, Rikku HOTTER, and Paine like a Lesbian
4- NO! is great, I love the dressphere character customization
5- Is the best game in the final fantasy series, i hope there is a final fantasy X-3
Wich one is the worst final fantasy game ever?
1- Final Fantasy VII
2- Final Fantasy VIII
3- Final Fantasy IX
4- Final Fantasy X
5- Final Fantasy X-2
6- Final Fantasy XI
7- Final Fantasy Tactics/ Tactics Advanced
8- Final Fantasy Christal Chronicles
9- None! Final Fantasy is the neatest game ever!
10- All of them are disguting, they make me wanna puke and then swallow it!!!
11- Paine
Who is the best Final Fantasy Lead Couple?
1- Cloud & Aeris
2- Squall & Rinoa
3- Zidane & Garnet
3- Tidus & Yuna
4- Rikku & Paine
5- Vaan & Ashe
Who is the darkest/scariest final fantasy character?
1- Vincent Valentine
2- Edea Kramer
3- Amarant Coral
4- Lulu
5- Paine
6- Fran
Who is the Kindest/nicest final fantasy Character?
1- Aeris Gaingsborough
2- Rinoa Heartilly
3- Vivi Ornitier
4- Yuna
6- Ashe
Who is the Hottest Male Character?
Cloud Strife
Vincent Valentine
Barret Wallace
Cid Highwind
Cait Sith
Squall Lionheart
Laguna Loire
Irvine Kinneas
Zell Dyntch
Zidane Tribal
Vivi Ornitier
Adalbert Steiner
Amarant Coral
Who is the hottest female character?
Aeris Gaingsborough
Tifa Lockheart
Yuffie Kisaragi
Rinoa Heartilly
Selphie Tilmitt
Quistis Trepe
Quina Quan
Eiko Carol
Paine (female?)
I´m Gay
Who is the worst final fantasy male character?
Cloud Strife
Squall Lionheart
Zidane Tribal
Who´s the worst female lead?
Aeris Gaingsborough
Rinoa Heartilly
Garnet Til Alexandros
Who is the best Cid?
1- Cid Highwind (FF7)
2- Cid Kramer (FF8)
3- Cid (the stupid frog in FF9)
Who is the best animal/monster/hideous thing?
1- Red XIII
2- Cait Sith
3- Quina Quan
4- Freiya Crescent
5- Vivi Ornitier
6- Kimahri
7- Paine
Wich ability system is the best?
1- Materia
2- Junction
3- Equipment
4- Sphere Grid
4- Dresspheres
Who should have died instead of aeris?
Cait Sith (again...)
Wich of the following Final Fantasy male Characters is most likely a big GAY?
Cloud Strife
Barret Wallace
Cid Highwind
Vincent Valentine
Squall Lionheart
Zell Dyncht
Irvine Kinneas
Laguna Loire
Kiros Seagull
Ward Zaback
Zidane Tribal
Adalbert Steiner
Amarant Coral
Vivi Ornitier
Wich of the following female Final Fantasy Characters is most likely Gay?
Aeris Gaingsborough
Tifa Lockheart
Yuffie Kisaragi
Rinoa Heartilly
Quistis trepe (whip...)
Selphie Tilmitt
Eiko Carol
PAINE (jajaja)
Wich Final Fantasy has the best finale?
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X
Final Fanytasy X-2
Wich Final Fantasy has the best logo?
Final Fantasy VII (Meteor)
Final Fantasy VIII (Squall & Rinoa)
Final Fantasy IX (The cristal)
Final Fantasy X (Yuna dancing in the water)
Final Fantasy X-2 (YRP yuna rikku Paine)
Final Fantasy XI (War)
Final Fantasy XII (The judge)
Final Fantasy VII should have a PS3 remake?
Absolutely!!! final fantasy VII is the best Game ever created
Definitly I would like to see the game with the ps3 graphics
Maybe, it´s up to square-enix
No, Final Fantasy VII is OVERR...
It would be a huge waste of time, money and effort
Final Fantasy XI should be called Final Fantasy Online instead of being a part of the series?
Yes!!!what a great idea that game sucks!!
of course! that game is not part of the series
Maybe I really don´t give a shhh
No! then final fantasy xii would be xi and so on...
What kind of stupid question is this! of course not!!!
Wich is the best limitbreak system?
Limit break when bar fulls
Limit break when low on HP
Trance when bar fills
Turbo when low on health
What´s the best name for the summon creatures?
1- Summon Materia
2- Guardian Force (G.F)
3- Eidolons
4- Aeons
5- Avatars
Which final weapon is the best?
Ultimate Weapon(Cloud)
Princess Guard (Aeris)
Premium Heart (Tifa)
Missing Score (Cait Sith)
Venus Gospel (Cid)
Limited Moon (Red XIII)
HP Shout (Cait Sith)
Conformer (Yuffie)
Death Penalty (Vincent)
Lion Heart (Squall)
Ergheiz (Zell)
Exeter (Irvine)
Save the Queen (Quistis)
Shooting Star (Rinoa)
Strange Vision (Selphie)
Ultimate Weapon(Zidane)
Mace of Zeus (Vivi)
Excalibur II (Steiner)
Whale Whisker (Garnet)
Gastro Fork (Quina)
Dragon's Hair (Freiya)
Angel Flute (Eiko)
Rune Claws (Amarant)
Cadalbog (Tidus)
Nirvana (Yuna)
World Champion (Wakka)
Onion Knight (Lulu)
God Hand (Rikku)
Spirit Lance (Kimahri)
Masamune (Auron)
What´s the best Final Fantasy Theme Song?
Aeris Theme
One winged angel
Eyes on me
Liberi Fatali
Garnet´s Theme
Kujah´s Theme
Sudeki da ne
Hymn of the fayth
What´s the most memorable moment?
Runaway in the motorcycle
Aeris Death
"waltz to the moon" squall & rinoa dance
Squall saves Rinoa in Space
Garnet Cuts her hair
Garnet & Eiko Summon Alexander
Yuna performs the summoner ritual
Yuna & Tidus kiss in macalania woods
Which is the best Final Fantasy Secondary Enemy?
Rufus president of Shinra.
Seifer Almassy Seed
Seymour Guado
Wich is the best Final Fantasy Evil Guy?
Who´s the character that leaves the party that players miss the most?
Aeris Gaingsborough
Seyfer Almassy
Edea Kramer
Seymour Guado
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