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Who ARE you?? your Personality

This is a chance to find out what your personality is. There will be three answer choices to each question the first one will be A, the second, B, and the third C! (for those of you who are mentally challenged) If there is a quesition that has a (^) that goes with the answer above it. You'll see wat I mean. Clik on both boxes.
Are you a
i don't know
Are you
Which, would you say is your best subject?
english(or language arts)/reading
If you had a choice, would you eat
pizza/hamburger, vanilla/choco milk, and a breadstick(this goes with that ^ check both boxes
salad, skim milk, and peas
boogers, buttermilk, and artichokes
If your friends say "hey, let's go to the arcade," what do you say?
Okay, but lemme finish my home work, and cleaning (^) the dog, and....
Okay, sure lets go now
The ballots are in. For your Student President of your school, you chose
The most popular kid
your best friend
There was vote???...??
The most popular girl/boy in the whole school is wearing something outrageous! what do you do?
Copy him/her
stay with what you have
wear nothing to school.
Your best guy/gal friend asks you out. But you don't like them that way. what do you say?
"omg. get a life, freak."
"ummm.... listen, I'm sorry but i don't like you that way. (^)Let's please still be best buds."
Okay, let's spit shake on it.
Not counting the first 3 questions, what was your score?
Mostly A's (the 1st one)
Mostly B's (the 2nd one)
Mostly C's (the 3rd one)
This isn't a question, but you can still click on it if you want. Please check the box below the answer you chose if there is a (^) sign
Mostly A's: You are trying to hard to be perfect and cool. Be yourself, hon.(^)
Mostly B's: You are a normal, average kid. Ur u!
Mostly C's: You are wierd and you need professional help, kiddo. (^)
This poll was created on 2005-10-05 20:13:07 by Daniel Radcliffe's girl