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Will you take a bus with gas going up

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With gas prices going up up and up, how likely are you to take a public bus.

At what average gas price would you consider riding on a public bus to get around.

0% (0) $3.50
7% (1) $4.00
7% (1) $4.50
21% (3) $5.00
28% (4) The price of gas would have to be around $10.00 for me to ride
21% (3) I will never ride the bus
21% (3) I do ride the bus weekly
21% (3) I do ride the bus 5 days per week
14% (2) I do ride the bus daily

14 voters have answered this question.

What is the main 2 reasons you do not take the public bus or if you do take the bus what 2 things bother you the most

66% (8) Not enough routes for where I want to go
41% (5) The wait and ride is too long
25% (3) Buses are not safe, I could get robbed
25% (3) The bus is too dirty
25% (3) The drivers have a attitude
8% (1) The riders have a attitude
33% (4) My city does not have a bus system

12 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2005-09-21 16:38:11 by TrevorM
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