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Whites Adopting People of Color

Based on views of a site called Transracial Abductees.org.
I recently came across a site named Transracial Abductees @ http://wwww.TransracialAbductees.org. You may take a minute to go check it out before answering this pollng question: How do you think of whites who become the legal guardian of people of color?
I agree with the site. I don't think white American society has proven they have cultivated whites who have the cultural sensitivity or the emotional and psychological ability to raise an asian, black, hispanic and/or Native American child.
I disagree with the site. I think white America has proven they have the cultural sensitivity, psychological and emotional ability to raise children whom are black, hispanic, asian and Native American.
I agree with the site. People of color do not hold an equal power status with whites and the adoption of children of color by whites is another form of exploitation.
I disagree with the site. People of color share the same power status with whites in the world and therefore whites are not exploiting them or children of color.
This poll was created on 2005-09-21 15:00:27 by Ssky