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How do you feel about dogs?
Do you have a dog?
Yes, I have more than one pet dog.
Yes, I have one dog as a pet.
Yes, I have dog(s) for other purposes than pet.
No, but Ive had dogs in the past.
No, Ive never had a dog.
There is a dog in my household, but its not mine.
Does your dog restrict your life?
Yes, severely.
Just a little.
No, not at all.
I dont have a dog, for that reason.
I dont have a dog, period.
How does your dog and your friends get along.
Not very well--the dog doesnt like some people.
Not very well--some people dont like my dog.
I dont have a dog.
If you don't have a dog, how do you feel about other people having dogs?
I have a dog.
Most people mistreat their dog.
Dogs are good pets for most people.
I hate dogs.
I hate people who have dogs.
Which of the following do you dislike about dogs?
Im scared of dogs.
Barking when I want quiet.
Jumping on, or licking me.
Leaving doodoo for me to step in.
Tearing up trash.
Startling drivers by running out in the road.
None of those--not a problem.
For which of the following reasons do you have a dog, or want to have one?
Security (watch-dog)
Other work (farm, blind, hunting, etc.)
Habit--Ive always had one.
Compassion for strays.
Breed for profit.
Cute when a puppy.
None--I wish I didnt have mine.
I don't have one.
This poll was created on 2005-09-21 15:39:30 by jtur88