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What's a dumbass?(Warning: this poll may offend some people)

Dumbass-A person with a dangerously low IQ who is a threat to themself and those around them. Face it, dumbasses are everywhere. They're a way of life. Think of them as the missing link. But maybe this poll will tell you how to fend them off.
Do you have to deal with dumbasses?
I AM the dumbass
When dealing with them, what do you do?
I use big words so they get confused and leave me alone
Fight fire with fire: They act dumbassy and so do I
Ignore them and hope they go away
Use really wicked voo-doo on them
Flip them off
Mimic them
Tell someone
Get into a fist-fight...only then all their dumbassy friends jump in and suddenly the odds are against me...
...then I get MY friends and all Hell breaks loose
How often do you have to deal with dumbasses?
Every hour of everyday
Once a day
Once a week
A couple of times a day
So many times a day, I think it's rubbing off on me
What do you hate most about a dumbass?
Their low IQs
They don't listen to reason
They always seem to be wrong
They always travel in packs and pick on the first person who gets in their way
I can't punch them in the mouth for risk of being expelled/fired/arrested/sued
They always get away with being a dumbass
If you could rid the world of dumbasses, would you?
*Scoffs* No, then where would I go?
No, there's no point, there're too many of them
What would a Dumbass-Free World be like?
There can't be a dumbass-free world because there are too many of them, and they are multiplying everyday
There can't be a world without me, after all, because I'm the center of the universe, like Daddy says.
Based on the above answer, too perfect for words
Is it possible to identify a dumbass without actually speaking to them?
Yeah, just look at the way they talk to others, the language they use, the people they hang out with
No, you have to let them pick on you first, and THEN you know how dangerously stupid they are
What did you think of this poll?
Soooo true
Soooo offending (Note: I DID warn you it would offend certain people)
A reality check
A relief that I'm not the only one who thinks this way
This poll was created on 2005-09-14 23:12:47 by 2_silly_4_me