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Rules For Husbands??

I did the Rules for Wife poll about how it is in our household. I got a lot of negative remarks from women. Here's your chance to flip it around.
In many families the husband has the say in how things are. Should this be reversed?
If you answered "Yes." please explain why.
Because I'm sick of guys thinking they're better.
Because I want guys to see how it feels.
Because I think women are better at managing.
I have other reasons I want to post.
The following questions are to see in which areas women feel they should be in charge. Ready to go?
I'm getting bored.
Should I as the husband need to seek my wife's permission to spend money?
Yes.She manages the home, she controls the cash.
Yes, but only on large purchases.
No, you need to be in charge.
C'mon people make joint decisions!
If you look at my last poll, you'll notice that my wife is required to wear nightgowns to bed - if she were in charge should I...
Be able to wear what I find comfortable?
Choose for myself, but ask if she's ok with it?
Be required to wear something she picks for me?
WOMEN ONLY: Given the chance what would you require me to wear to bed?
Nothing. Being naked is what I prefer.
Just boxers.
Just silky or frilly boxers.
Regular pajamas.
T-shirt and lounge pants.
A nightgown, and cap.
This is for the women: Out of the list of things you'd like to be able to control which would you choose? Choose all that apply.
The money.
Who does the chores.
What I wear.
What my husband wears.
How the kids are to be raised.
Others, which I will post.
LADIES: Which type of relationship would you rather be in? One where...
I'm under loving, but firm leadership.
He has a say, but I make the rules and decisions.
We have the exact same authority, etc.
Men: What I desire from my wife is a combination of love and respect. I listen to her opinion, but make the decisions, and she has to obey. Would you rather have:
A wife who is a limp towel - meek and submissive.
her tell you her thoughts but allows you to make the decisions.
A wife who is in charge, but listens to you.
A wife who has complete authority in the home.
In most relationships there is a leader of some kind. In marriage I believe the woman should submit because it is her role, and pecae results from her submission. Which type marraige relationship do you think has the best chance of lasting longest?
Husband makes rules, wife has no say.
Husband listens to wife, but ultimately she obeys him.
Wife makes rules, husband has no say.
Wife listens to husband, but ultimately he has no say.
Husband and wife do as they both please, and occasionally "check in."
Will you also take my other poll "Rules for Wife" and post on either poll what you think?
Will you post how things are in your household, and whether you're happy with the arrangement?
This poll was created on 2005-09-03 13:12:13 by misterpollster