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Traffic Citations & Traffic Cops

What do you think about Traffic Citations, Speed Traps, Traffic Cops, Traffic Citation Automated Cameras?
Do you think it is fair or honest for the Government to use Traffic Safety and Traffic Citations as a way to make money by forcing citizens to pay high traffic fines and/or driving school in order to keep their Driver's Licenses?
Yes it is an easy way to raise revenue since people need to drive to get to work
This is just another way politicians create jobs for their croneys
High Fines Save Lives! It is all for our collective good.
Not Sure
In spite of the fact that DUIs and Traffic Fatalities keep dropping every year and show that Traffic Safety is improving; The Police must still write the same amount or more Traffic Citations every year. Do you think that so much persecution of drivers is fair?
Yes it raises money for local & State Governments
No, it erodes the credibility of Law Enforcement
Strict enforcement of the laws helps to save lives!
Not sure
Regardless of Traffic Safety, the Government needs the Police to keep writing traffic citations because they rely on that income. So you may have noticed that the Legislature creates more and more new Traffic Violations every year so that the Police can keep writing more tickets. Do you think that is fair or honest?
Yes it teaches Traffic Safety to the Public
No, constantly creating new traffic violations is dishonest
If the Legislature did not create new Traffic violations, revenues would decline
Do you believe that Police Officers are required to issue a quota of Traffic Citations every week or month regardless of Traffic Safety?
Yes, Police Departments get a percentage of the fines collected
No, it is just Peer Pressure to score lots of tickets
Traffic Citation quotas are illegal aren't they?
Not Sure
When you are pulled over by a Police Officer, do you feel he is there "To Protect and Serve" you or do you feel some fear and apprehension considering that Police Officers can accuse you of almost anything and arrest you?
Yes I feel some apprehension
No I feel safe near a Police Officer
Since I am polite I have no fear of the Police Officers
Not Sure
In your experience, when you are pulled over by Police Officers do they act like polite and friendly Public Servants and treat you with Courtesy and Respect?
Yes they are very nice and courteous
No they are often arrogant or just plain rude
By being tough they command respect from Drivers
Not Sure
Do you think Police Officers generally have an US (Police) vs. Them (The Public) attitude?
Yes, they often have a bit of an attitude
No, The Police are our friends
I just do whatever the Police tell me to do
Not Sure
Have you ever driven by a Speed Trap where several Police Officers, Police Cars, and/or Motorcycle Cops are hiding behind trees so they can catch people speeding and rack up their amount of Traffic Citations? Do you think Speed Traps promote confidence in your Police?
Speed traps are often on side-roads where there is no Traffic safety problem
Yes, it teaches citizens that Police can show up where you least expect them
Not Sure
Speed Traps are a good way for Police to generate dozens of Traffic Citations quickly
Do you think that Police Officers feel like they are above the Law and above the average citizen?
Yes, this is often true
No, the Police are our friends
Not Sure
It depends on the Police Dept. Some are better than others
Do you think it is fair or honest that some Governments have Security Cameras and Speeding Sensors placed on street corners and then Traffic Citations are issued to the owners of the vehicles if they are shown to be speeding and/or taking the Red Light? (Several States have made this practice legal)
Yes it teaches people Traffic Safety
No, it is Un-American
Not Sure
Do you think that some Traffic Laws (such as Improper Lane Change, Not coming to a FULL Stop, etc.) give Police Officers too much leeway to issue bogus Traffic Citations whenever they need to build up their Citations during a slow week?
Yes, Traffic laws are there to generate revenue
No, the Police are just trying to teach us Safety
Perhaps some Police abuse their discretion, and some don't
Not Sure
Many states have created Seat Belt Laws for ADULTS that give the Police the right to issue ADULTS a Traffic Citation if an Adult is not wearing his/her Seat Belt. Even though Seat Belts do save lives in Traffic Accidents, do you think you should have the right to not wear one if you don't want to?
Yes, I thought I had some rights to choose in a free country
Seat Belts save lives, so you should be forced to wear one by Law
This is just another way to generate traffic citations
Not Sure
Drivers in America should not have Freedom of Choice
Have you ever noticed a Police Car driving around on the road following cars like a predatory shark in the water looking for its next meal?
Yes, Police actively hunt for Traffic Citations
No, Police just drive around trying to find people that they can help
Not Sure
Have you ever seen a Police Car drive by you at a very fast speed and a few blocks later you drive by as the same Police Car is parking next to several other Police Cars at the Donut Shop or a Denny's (or other diner)??
Yes they meet at Donut Shops & Denny's to fill out their reports
No, it is just a coincidence that they are parked there
Not Sure
Police should be allowed to violate Traffic Laws in order to meet their friends at a Denny's
Every year, several Police Officers in nearly every state get killed by accident while handing out speeding tickets or other citations on an expressway or turnpike. What has often happened is that someone driving next to the lane where the Police Officer is parked either hits the officer who is standing by the road or crashes into the Police Car on the shoulder of the road. These tragic accidents would not happen so often if Police Officers were not forced to generate revenue by giving out so many traffic citations. Do you think it is irresponsible and dangerous to give out citations on high-speed turnpikes and expressways?
Parking on the side of a Turnpike or Expressway road is dangerous and irresponsible
Some risks must be taken in order to write-up citations
Not Sure
It is the reckless drivers that are usually at fault.
Some states have a new law where drivers are supposed to move over one lane when they see a police car parked giving out a traffic citation. Just the other day I was driving on an expressway and numerous Highway Patrol where on the exit ramp pulling cars over for going to fast on the ramp. There is very little room on the ramps, and I thought that this speed trap was extremely dangerous and irresponsible. Police Officers try to surprise drivers with speed traps and then they also want drivers to move over one lane, yet that is impossible on an exit ramp. What do you think?
Trying to surprise drivers with speed traps or on exit ramps is not very safety conscious.
Police Officers figure that if you crash into them because they are doing something stupid, it is your fault.
Police Officers need to maintain their ticket quotas regardless of any danger
Not sure
Some state legislatures (like Florida) are passing Laws that if a driver does not pay his Traffic Citation Fine ON TIME, then the State can seize any vehicles registered in the driver's name and initiate FORFEITURE proceedings to keep those vehicles and sell them at auction. Do you think that this is fair & honest Government?
Forfeiture for not paying a fine on time is OUT-OF-CONTROL-GOVERNMENT!
Taking away people's vehicles will teach them to respect the Government
If it helps to save lives, I am willing to give up my rights!
Not Sure
This poll was created on 2005-08-28 07:39:13 by Citizen X