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12 sexy celebs catfight rd.1

A dozen hot actresses wind up catfighting each other during an audition for the leading role in a major movie. Poll closed noon 8-21-05
Heather Locklear & Cameron Diaz slapfight until Heather takes Cameron to the floor and they wrestle.
Heather wins by scratching out Cameron's eyes.
Cameron wins by scissoring Heather's waist.
They brawl evenly and both advance.
Elizabeth Hurley & Halle Berry tear into each other with slaps, punches, hair pulls, clothes ripping and kicks.
Elizabeth bloodies Halle's nose and wins.
Halle wins with a lip splitting hook.
They fight tooth-n-nail and both advance.
Jennifer Aniston & Catherine Zeta-Jones sling each other around by the hair until they fall to the floor and fight.
Jennifer wins with a knee to the crotch.
Catherine knocks Jennifer out cold.
Their fight is close and they both advance.
Helen Hunt & Sandra Bullock take a handful of hair and trade punches to the face.
Helen knocks Sandra out.
Sandra knocks Helen out.
They both take as good as get and advance.
Nicole Kidman & Heather Graham battle it out in a wild and woolly hairpulling contest. Shouting and screaming, they tear into each other's hair.
Nicole tears out more hair and wins.
Heather tears out more hair and wins.
They tear out the same amount and both advance.
Courtney Cox & Julia Roberts have a great battle slapping, punching, kicking, biting and scratching.
Courtney throws Julia down and kicks her guts out.
Julia gouges Courtney's eyes and knocks her out.
They both give each other a beating, but advance.
This poll was created on 2005-08-09 08:14:06 by Kit1717