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Stem cell research

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It seems that there is so much controversy over stem cell research, probable due to the lack of specificity on the actual type of stem cells to be used for research. Adult stem cell research (typically from the umbilical cord and/or afterbirth) has been proven to be successful on numerous occasions. However, embryonic stem cell research has not only been disastrous for positive effects as to cures, but it has actually caused tumors whenever used. The main controversy over this type of research is not that it has not ever been successful but that it uses a human embryo, which most people are against. Should this science be clarified when being discussed, especially to include the term "adult stem cell research"?

Should the subject of "stem cell research" be clarified on type of cells to be studied?

25% (4) Yes, I support adult stem cell research but not embrionic stem cells.
37% (6) Yes, I support embrionic stem cell research.
18% (3) I don't support any stem cell research.
18% (3) What is stem cell research?

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This poll was created on 2005-07-29 03:01:38 by Made In The USA
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