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Do you wear underwear or not? (women only)

What do you wear when going commando/freeball? How much do you choose reveal? Does it also mean you are also into nudism?
Except for when showering, sleeping or swimming, do you go without underwear (females only)?
Yes always - both knickerless and braless
Yes always - knickerless only
Yes always - braless only
Yes sometimes - knickerless and braless
Yes sometimes - knickerless only
Yes sometimes - braless only
No I always wear underwear
What do you wear when you go knickerless/braless? (Tick all that apply)
Modest non-see-through dresses
See-through dresses
Lace-up the side dresses
Long skirts
Miniskirts - mid thigh
Micro-minis - just below the crotch
Trousers and jeans
White or see-through pants
Baggy shorts
Tight cheek-skimming shorts
Lycra shorts
See-through lycra shorts
Body stocking
modest blouses
see-through blouses
mesh tops
lace tops
boob tubes
baggy t-shirts
tight t-shirts
cropped (below the boobs) t-shirts
Strapless tops/vests
I always wear underwear!
Flouncy micro-mini which shows my ass-cheeks and lifts up when I dance!
If you do go knickerless, please answer this question - do you also go nude on the beach?
Yes all the time
I have done once or twice
I'm thinking about it
No, I woudn't go that far
No but I do go topless
What is the reason why you don't wear underwear?
I like the freedom without underwear
I prefer a smooth outline without visible panty line/visible thong line
It's a very sexy feeling, I get turned on!!
It's just a tease, only to turn the guys on
It's more than a tease, it's a come hither, I'm ready for it sign to the guys (or my guy)!
Underwear would show through my see-through clothes too easily.
I've nothing clean to wear
It's just healthier and cleaner without
I'm a naturalist at heart
I always wear underwear
If you do go knickerless, do you also shave?
Yes, I'm smooth
Yes, I trim to a landing strip
Yes, I trim to a shape
No, I'm hairy
If you also wear see-though clothes while going knickerless or braless, what do you see when you check yourself out in the mirror? (Please tick all that apply)
I can clearly see the outline of my butt-cheeks
I can't see that much but I can see a dark cleft between my cheeks
I can clearly see my nipples
I can't see my nipples from a distance just a dark circle from up close
I can't make anything out
If you wear see-through or revealing clothing while going commando, do you find this is
Extremely arousing
Quite arousing
Not particularly arousing
I'm not aroused at all
What is your age group?
17 and under
38 and over
When you check yourself out while getting ready to go out without underwear do you -
Change into something more see-through if my clothes aren't revealing enough!
Change into something less see-through if my outfit is too revealing.
Take off my underwear if it shows through and I don't want it to.
Put on some skimpy sexy underwear if my outfit is too see-through without.
I always wear underwear.
Do you know just how much you are showing in see-through or skimpy outfits when you choose to go commando?
Yes I know exactly what I am doing as have checked myself out in my mirror from every angle!
Sometimes I don't realise just how much is on show! Sometimes my friends have to tell me!!
I don't check myself out in my mirror as I'm not that bothered.
I don't go without underwear.
This poll was created on 2007-08-05 17:08:47 by weasel_hunter