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2005 SUMMER Hot Bodies

Now, there are a lot of hot summer bodies out there right now and I want to know the hottest.
Who has the hottest SUMMER body of 2005?
Nicole Richie
Lindsay Lohan
Paris Hilton
Mischa Barton
Courteney Cox
Cameron Diaz
Eva Longoria
Jessica Simpson
Nicolette Sheridan
Kirsten Dunst
Sexiest summer face that just glows?
Paris Hilton
Britney Spears
Angelina Jolie
Lindsay Lohan
Nicole Richie
Hilary Duff
Vanessa (TRL host)
Rachel Bilson
Christina Aguilera
Mischa Barton
Hottest summer song?
Just a lil bit (50 Cent)
These Boots Are Made For Walkin (Jessica Simpson)
Behind These Hazel Eyes (Kelly Clarkson)
Someday (Britney Spears)
First (Lindsay Lohan)
Ass Like That (Eminem)
Cater 2 U (Destiny's Child)
Dont Lie (Black Eyed Peas)
Just The Girl (The Click Five)
Sugar, Were Goin Down (Fall Out Boy)
Cool (Gwen Stefani)
Lose Control (Missy Elliot)
Helena (My Chemical Romance)
Don't Cha (Pussy Cat Dolls)
Pon De Replay (Rihanna)
La Tortuara (Shakira)
Hottest SUMMER movie?
Mr and Mrs Smith
Herbie:Fully Loaded
Wedding Crashers
War Of The Worlds
The Island
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
Fantastic Four
Batmen Begins
Hustle & Flow
Dark Water
The Devils Rejects
Hottest SUMMER TV show?
Dancing With The Stars
So You Think You Can Dance
Real World
Lauguna Beach
Average Joe
Hulk Hogan Knows Best
Celebrity Fit Club
Brat Camp
Surreal Life
Hottest SUMMER Music Album?
X&Y (coldplay)
The Empanciption Of Mimi (Mariah Carey)
The Cookbook (Missy Elliot)
Monkey Business (Black eyes Peas)
USA United States Atlanta (Ying Yang Twins)
Mr & Mrs Smith Soundtrack
Hottest SUMMER pregnant woman?
Britney Spears
Jennifer Garner
Christine Taylor
Heidi Klum
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