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Did I do the right thing?

My b.f. is upset w/ me because of how I reacted to a prank he played on me...he put a sticky film pic of himself on my toilet paper and wrote "BOO" besides it, just being a goofball like he always is, and I thought it was funny and all, but after I laughed I went ahead and used the toilet paper...and he acted like that was so mean to do! But I wasn't being mean, it's just I got a lot better pics of him, and well, it was stuck to toilet paper, ya know? So...here's my poll to prove my point to him...
Do you think what I did was mean, ok., or the right thing to do?
Right thing to do
GIRLS: If your boyfriend played the same joke, what would you've done?
Same thing you did, laughed & used it
Laughed, tore it off and tossed it in the trash
Laughed, tore it off and dropped it in the toilet
Laughed, tore it off and kept it
Gotten mad, used it
Gotten mad, trashed it
Gotten mad, dropped it in the toilet bowl
GUYS: If you played this joke on your g.f., what would you want her to do?
Laugh; beyond that, that's her thing, whatever
Use it
Keep it
Trash it
Drop it in the toilet
GIRLS: If you're the type like me that would use it, would it matter to you if you had to use it for number one or number two?
Nope not at all
Yes, I'd use it for number one, but not 2
It'd matter, but I'd go ahead either way
Yes, I'd use it for number 2 only
GUYS:Would that last question matter to you?
GIRLS: What reasons would cause you to go ahead and use it?
He chose the toilet paper, I'm going along w/ it
To see how brown I can get his face
To punish his childish prank
I'd be laughing so hard! It'd be FUN!
Have you ever either played this joke or had it played on you?
If so, what'd you do?
Laughed, used it
Got mad, used it
Laughed, kept it
Laughed, dropped it in the toilet
Got mad, dropped it in the toilet
Laughed, trashed it
Got mad, trashed it
GIRLS-If you were going to use toilet paper that had a sticker pic stuck on it, would it matter to you where the sticker was in the handful of t.p.? (Didn't to me, btw)
Nope, just wherever it ended up
I'd put it on top, so the pic gets the worst
I'd put it on the bottom 2 not b 2 rude
I'd put in the middle so I didn't get paper cuts
GUYS-IF your g.f. was going to use the t.p. with your pic on it after she played this joke, where in the handful of tissue would want the piece with your pic on it?
Her choice
That's the worst mental image I've ever had!!!!
If you used the toilet paper with the sticker pic on it when this joke got played on you, were you like me and just let it be wherever in the handful it ended up, or did you put it on top middle or bottom on purpose?
Like you, wherever
I put it on top just to be funny
I put it on bottom to be nicer
I put it in the middle to not get paper cuts
I put it on top b/c I was mad
I put it on bottom b/c I'd gone #2, so I was nice
I used it as emergency female supplies, so middle
I put it on top 2 get the pic the most brown
I put it on top b/c I had only peed, so no biggie
OMG!I didn't plan it,but it ended up on top, lol!
This poll was created on 2005-06-30 23:02:38 by jamalea