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Weak boys

I'm really weak, but my girlfriend says that a lot of boys are weak too, it's true? Are more weaklings around the world? Anybody to share his strength level?
What's your age?
less than 14
Weight you can curl with your stronger arm (Single arm left or right)
less than 22 lbs/10 Kg
44 to 55 lbs/20 to 25 kg
55 to 66 lbs/25 to 30 kg
66 to 77 lbs/30 to 35 kg
+ 77 lbs/35 kg
weight you can curl with two hands
less than 44 lbs/20 kg
44 to 66 lbs/20 to 30 kg
66 to 88 lbs/30 to 40 kg
+ 88 lbs/40 kg
Can your girlfriend lift the biggest weight you can curl?
No, she is weak
Yes, she is similar to me
Yes, and more weight, she is stronger than me
Yes, with one hand lifts more than me with two
An armwrestling game between you against your girlfriend...
I would win, I'm stronger
I don't know, we are similar
She would beat me with a lot of effort
She would smash my arm, she is much stronger
She would win using one hand against my two
Is your girlfriend stronger than you?
if your girlfriend challenges you to a wrestling match...
I would dominate her
She would dominate me
She would toy with me without any effort
My girlfriend can toy with me in a wrestling game, and she likes to apply this holds and pins, did you suffered similar situations?
head scissors
rib scissors
figure four
schoolboy pin
twist my body (legs against head)
lift me on her shoulders
airplane spin
Who takes control on sex?
She takes control over me
I take control over her
My girlfriend likes to show her friends how weak I'm, anybody suffered similar experiences?
No,I'm stronger, she never would do it to me
No, she is stronger but never would do it
yes, with her best friends (only girls)
yes, with her best friends (girls and boys)
yes, with her family members
yes, with my family members
Choose the person that you think would be stronger than you
a kid (girl)
a kid (boy)
an average teen girl
an average teen boy
an average adult woman
an average adult man
a 12 years old gymnast girl
This poll was created on 2005-06-27 16:12:12 by luchadora