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A Very Lengthy Final Fantasy Poll

This poll is very long. You might want to consider only answering certain questions...
Is Square Enix better than Squaresoft?
No, Square Enix should burn in hell
What's the difference
What's Square Enix???
Does Final Fantasy X-2 Suck?
Absolutely. I want to destroy that game and everyone who made it
No! It rocked!
Never Played It
I really don't know and I really don't care
Which of the following games has the best summons?
Final Fantasy Tactics (with the ugly floaty pictures)
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy 10
I think they were all great
I think they all sucked.
Summon Magic should be banned from Final Fantasy forever
Who is the best main character?
Cloud (FF7)
Squall (FF8)
Zidane (FF9)
Tidus (FF10)
Ramza *barf* (FF Tactics)
That 'barf' was very insulting to Ramza
I hate all of them
I like all of them
Which sidequest is the most fun?
Chocobo Breeding (FF7)
Doing Nothing (FF8)
Chocobo Hot and Cold (FF9)
Battle Arena (FF10)
I hate sidquests
There are plenty of FF8 sidequests, and they are really fun.....
All of them
Which ultimate summon is the coolest?
Cyclops (FF Tactics)
Bahamut (FF Tactics)
Knights of the Round (FF7)
Eden (FF8)
Ark (FF9)
Anima (FF10)
Magus Sisters (FF10)
The Magus Sisters were pretty gay
All of them. They're awesome
They all suck! They need to come up with better ultimate summons!
Does this poll remind you of another FF Poll on this website?
Yes, I think this is a pathetic attempt to suppress boredom
No, not that I know of
This question really has nothing to do with Final Fantasy, so it should be destroyed
Which game has the neatest FMVs
FF 7
FF 8
FF 9
FF 10
FF Tactics
Hey! FF Tactics doesn't have any FMVs
FMVs should be banned from Final Fantasy forever
What is an FMV???
Do you find this poll to be...
A complete waste of time
Insanely fun
A piece of crap that should be taken off the website
Better than being bored to death
Random and useless
Am I a(n)...
What is a hermaphrodite?
What are you thinking right now...
I'm thinking this poll is becoming completely off-topic
I have to go to the restroom
I'm Bored
I want to go play Final Fantasy now
I want to go die
This poll just sucks
I want to kill this poll's creator
So, how was this poll?
The absolute BEST poll I've EVERY taken!
REALLY cool!
Kind of neat!
Beyond Mediocre
Below Mediocre
WAY below Mediocre
Crappy and random
WAY below Crappy and Random
The worst thing I've every laid my eyes on
Do all the earth summons suck? (or is it just me)
Yes. All those crappy earth summons like Fenrir, Brothers, Titan, and Cyclops should die.
No. The Earth Summons Rocked
Fenrir was the best
Brothers were awesome
Titan was the best
Cyclops was really cool (...)
Do you find it strange that I am continuing this poll even after that "so how was my poll?" question?
Yes. What the hell is wrong with you
No, I think this poll is getting back on its feet now
I just want to vote for more Final Fantasy crap
Hey! Final Fantasy isn't crap!!!
This is really stupid...
Who was the best villain?
Sephiroth (FF7)
Ultimecia (FF8)
Kuja (FF9)
Sin (FF10)
Seymour (FF10)
FF Tactics Badguys (I don't really remember a main badguy...)
Which Final Boss Battle Music was the best? (I don't know the names of them and I really don't care)
FF7 (Sephiroth Battle)
FF8 (Final Ultimecia Battle)
FF9 (Necron Boss Battle)
FF10 (Yevon or whatever that stupid boss is)
FF Tactics (That Angel Guy Thing...)
Is it just me... or did the last boss on FF10 just suck?
Yes. That ugly small bug thing was the dumbest, easiest boss I have ever fought.
Yes, although it wasn't easy
No. That bug kicked ass
I never fought him
I don't care
Was Ultimecia the gayest badguy ever or what?
Yes. That ugly hag was really retarded
No! She was so awesome!
I don't really know...
This question sucks
Which "ultimate plot" was the most ingenious?
Sephiroth's plot to send a meteor down and destroy everything (FF7)
Ultimecia's plot to control time (or something dumb like that...)
Kuja's plot to end all existence
Whatever stupid plot was on FF10
Hey, FF10 did have a villain with a really cool plot...
FF Tactics Plot to do whatever (that game really makes no sense...)
Hey, FF Tactics villainous plot was awesome!
Which character is the dumbest?
Cloud. His blonde hair is really homo-sexual
Squall. He never shuts up and all he does is whine about his "sis" or whatever...
Zidane. He's really ugly and has a monkey tail
Tidus. He never stops acting like a moron and he's obnoxious
You know what, all the main characters pretty much sucked, the supporting characters are much better!
I thought they all rocked!
Do you think alot of these questions are based too much on what is the worst, rather than the best?
Yes. This poll is very pessimistic
No. This poll is fine
I want to worship the negatives of this poll
I really want more Final Fantasy Questions
Hey, what is "pessimistic"?
This poll was created on 2005-06-22 17:44:45 by Sartorius