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What would you do?

Imagine that you could pause time at will, stopping everyone and everything, except for you. You could go anywhere, do anything, and nobody else would remember what you did once you resumed time. (for your convenience, electricity would continue to run and the television would keep going as if time had not stopped). HOW WOULD YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS POWER?
If you had this power, would you use it to get more sleep in the morning?
Would you use it to do or catch up on your work or schoolwork?
If you used this power to get ahead in school or work, how would you feel about your success?
indifferent- I'd be focussing on other parts of my life
Do you think there would be any way to save people's lives or help other people by using this power, assuming all changes you make to your surroundings during this time would be erased once you resumed time and you would be transported back to where you started?
yes, I could find people who were in trouble and try to save them once time resumed
yes, other (leave comment on message board)
Now for the fun ones. Would you go inside other people's homes and snoop around? (i've always wanted to do this)
yes, strangers
yes, any people i know
yes, people i'm suspicious of
yes, people who interest me
yes, people who interest me sexually
yes, people i'm curious of
yes, people I idolize or celebrities
no, I would not do this to anyone
If objects that you moved during the time you paused WOULD NOT be replaced to where they were when you resumed time, would you steal things?
yes, food or other smaller items
yes, expensive items (cars, jewelry, ect.)
yes, from a bank
no I would not steal anything
Would you use this power to look at explicit or forbidden material?
Yes, pornography
Yes, other people's property, i.e. photos, diaries, report cards
yes, other (post on message board)
Would you use this power to look at people while they were naked?
If you had this power, would you take off other people's clothing during the paused time?
If you had this power, would you try to hurt or defile other people or their property? (though all changes you make to a person's body will be corrected)
property, yes
people, yes
If you said you would use this power to hurt others, even though they would be restored to their original state, location and position once time resumed, why?
to let out anger
for psychological pleasure
to feel powerful
to see what it would look like
If you were with someone you were attracted to and had this power, would you stop time to kiss, hold, or touch them in other ways?
yes, the temptation would be too strong
yes, it would be exciting
yes, if i knew i wasn't going to be able to otherwise
no, i would feel guilty/wrong doing it
no, i'd prefer to wait until it was mutual
no, i just can't see myself doing this for another reason
If you had this power, would you try to get information to use to your benefit (like a spy)?
yes, to figure out government secrets
yes, to know secrets about others
yes, to become smart like Ken Jennings (Jeopardy genius)
yes, to conduct experiments
yes, to make or invent things
Would you use this power to increase your lifespan?
Yes, by a few years
yes, by a long time
yes, to avoid my death entirely
Do you think that if you had this power, you would more often pause time than live real time?
i don't know
Do you think this power would be good for you?
If you said that the power would be good for you, why?
because i could improve my life
because i could do things i've always wanted to
it would make me happy
it would fulfill certain cravings
If you said that this power would not benefit you, why?
I would neglect my real life
It would be too complicated
This is too great a power for anyone to handle
It would cause me toknow things I wouldn't want to know
It would make me feel guilty about what I might do
Would this power benefit others?
Yes, because I would help them
Yes, because I would become a better person toward them
No, because I would use it to their disadvantage
No, because I would become a worse person toward them
No, for another reason
Yes, for another reason
Lastly, if you could choose to have this power, would you?
This poll was created on 2005-06-28 18:39:42 by eek