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Yellowstone Buffalo

Are you aware that the Yellowstone Buffalo (the North American Bison) needs your protection? Here are some questions that might help to raise your awareness.
Have you been to Yellowstone National Park?
How many times have you visited Yellowstone in your lifetime?
Two to Five times.
Six to Ten times.
Ten to Twenty times.
More than Twenty times.
If you have been to Yellowstone, would you go again?
I definitely would go again.
It is likely that I would go again.
We'll see.
Probably not.
Definitely not.
If you have visited Yellowstone, how old were you when you first visited?
I was under four years old.
I was five to nine years old.
I was ten years old.
I was eleven to twenty years old.
I was twenty-one to twenty-nine years old.
I was in my thirties.
I was in my forties.
I was in my fifties.
I was sixty to one-hundred years old.
Do you think Yellowstone is a sacred or a spiritual place?
I think Yellowstone is both sacred and spiritual.
I think Yellowstone is a spiritual place, but not sacred.
I think Yellowstone is a sacred place, but not spiritual.
I haven't ever thought of it in that way before.
I don't think that Yellowstone is sacred or spiritual.
I like the city better.
Do you enjoy nature?
Yes, I couldn't live without it.
No, I could do without nature very nicely.
The wilderness is evil and must be erradicated.
I've never before given it any thought.
Nature is O.K. but the every day modern world is better.
I have not had much experience with nature, but I would like to have more.
I would enjoy it if I were out in nature more.
I feel uncomfortable in nature.
I wish that I lived in an area where more things were wild such as more birds, more wildlife, more woods or forests, could see the stars shining at night better.
Which Yellowstone mammals on the list fascinate you most? Choose up to four.
Grizzly Bear
Mountain Lion
Black Bear
Bighorn Sheep
Mountain Goat
Red Fox
Gray Fox
Bob Cat
If you have been to Yellowstone, which of the following mammals have you seen? Check all that apply.
Bighorn Sheep
Mountain Goat
Mountain Lion
Black Bear
Grizzly Bear
Bob Cat
Red Fox
Gray Fox
How much does the Yellowstone Buffalo (Bison) fascinate you? Choose the one answer that is closest to your opinion.
A lot.
Not especially.
I am no more fascinated than I am seeing a cow.
I would rather see a predator.
I am fascinsted with all of the mammals in Yellowstone.
Only the big mammals fascinated me.
The buffalo make me nervous because I am afraid of large, wild animals.
To me, the bison is not a wild animal.
I have never thought about it until now.
Do you know that bison exist in Grand Teton National Park, also?
I've been there and I've never seen a bison.
I thought buffalo only existed in Yellowstone.
Who cares?
Yes, I am aware that bison exist in both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.
How would you feel if a White Buffalo were seen in Yellowstone? Check all that apply.
Never have thought about it before.
It isn't possible.
There's no such thing as a White Buffalo.
It would be a sign that peace has come to the earth or will soon come.
I think that would be very fascinating and interesting.
I've never seen a white buffalo, I never hope to see one.
A freak of nature.
White buffalo only exist in the movies.
That the gene pool is healthy and that humanity has done something right.
Did you know that the Yellowstone bison herd is part of the only pure strain of bison left in North America?
No, I was not aware of that, I thought all Americans buffalo were pure genetically.
No, I did not know that, but what difference does it make.
Yes, I am aware of that and something ought to be done to save the Yellowstone buffalo.
Yes, I was aware of that but I am not worried about it.
Would you be willing to do something to save the Yellowstone buffalo? Check all that apply.
If it would mean eventually getting a white buffalo in the herd.
Yes, whether or not there is ever a white buffalo in the herd.
Yes, who can I contact to get involved?
No, it doesn't matter to me.
It matters, but there is nothing anyone can do.
It matters and I hope there is something that can be done.
How can I help?
Have you ever seen a beaver in Yellowstone? Check all you believe to be true according to your knowledge.
Yes, I've seen a beaver.
Yes, there are more beaver present than a few years ago.
More beaver are present because of wolves being re-introduced into the park.
Wolves are beneficial to the health of both bever and bison populations.
Would you be willing to take a snowcoach or snowbus into Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks rather than snowmobiles in the winter season if it meant that the bison and other wildlife would have a better chance of survival in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem? Check all that apply.
Yes, I would like to take a snowcoach or snowbus instead of a snowmobile into the Parks.
No, I like the noise and the gas fumes of the snowmobiles.
I will be glad to do anything to make it better for the buffalo/other wildlife.
I cannot relate to that question and never have considered the difference.
I don't know.
Is there some place I can find out about a snowcoach or snowbus ride in the winter time in Yellowstone and Grand Teton?
I can't stand the noise and fumes of snowmobiles. Are the snowcoaches better?
I like the thrill of the ride on snowmobiles and the wildlife and park features don't matter to me compared to the joy ride.
I have taken a snowcoach and the experience with an expert guide and the view was wonderful, and it is also heated inside.
I have taken a snowbus and the experience with an expert guide and the view was wonderful, and it is also heated inside.
Would you be interested in joining or helping out with the Buffalo Field Campaign efforts in Yellowstone if I would give you the contact information?
I'm not sure.
Are you a Native American?
Have you ever worked as a Ranger or animal biologist in Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Parks?
Are you a school teacher or educator?
If you teach school or advocate for the Yellowstone buffalo, would you be interested in buying a book that is for children seven or older and also for adults that would tell how we can protect the Yellowstone buffalo and preserve it for future generations upon event of publication if there were also a good children's artist to illustrate the book)? Please answer the question that comes the closest to your situation.
I teach and would be glad to buy a book like that. Where would I find it?
I am a teacher and I have never thought about it, but I would like more information.
I am a teacher and I have no interest in such things.
Can you tell me where to get the information even though I am not a teacher?
I am not a teacher but I still would like a book to teach my children about it.
I am fascinated about wildlife, so sure, I would buy a book.
I probably would not buy such a book.
Would the book be backed by Buffalo Field Campaign?
I am a college instructor/professor and I would recommend such a book as part of my class curriculum. I would spend one class period on such a book and make it part of a quizz
I will use the book if my class can devote a day to the buffalo.
I would use the book as an example to go to bat for the buffalo and to write letters in their behalf (if the book would include such information).
I am a mother and I consider myself as a teacher and educator of my children, so the book would come in handy for me.
I am a father and I would consider such a book as am important part of the values I teach my children.
I will use the book to teach my students if there is a positive conclusion.
Will the book end in triumph for the bison and also for the human spirit?
Keep the book strictly biological and technical or I have no desire to use it for my students.
Would you feel good about reading a book to protect the Yellowstone buffalo if the buffalo in the book were given first names and if wild mothers were compared to human mothers? Check as many as apply, but make sure that your answers would support such a book, or if you give a "no" answer, make sure that you check only one box.
No, I think everything ought to be impersonal and strictly biological.
Yes, if terms of endearment or first names would help me and/or me and my children experience more empathy and compassion for the Yellowstone buffalo
If the book would inform me about what is happening to the buffalo and what can be done about it to save it.
I don't think a book like that will do a bit of good.
I would not buy such a book under any circumstances.
If the book is realistic and somewhat within the realm of what's feasible. Before publishing it, get the opinions of your colleagues to make sure it is right on target.
Would you be willing to go out on a limb and find out how Horse Butte compares with the movie The Sound of Music if someone has had that experience? Choose the one answer that comes closest to your understanding or experience.
I cannot see how any such connection could be made.
What is Horse Butte and what has it got to do with saving the Yellowstone Buffalo
Yellowstone is like a big zoo and so I don't think the buffalo ever leave the Park.
If something could show me how the two relate, then I would like to know more about it.
How can I find out why Horse Butte is so important?
I have been there and I can see the connection, but you have to be a deep thinker to see it.
I have been to Horse Butte and the parallel is obvious.
I don't see the connection, but maybe if you can tell me more, I will change my mind.
Would you be willing to advocate or to support a protected National Bison Range so that the Yellowstone buffalo can migrate safely out of the Park for food in the wintertime? Check all that apply.
Only if the buffalo are fed hay.
I think we need a protected bison range to protect the genetic information of the bison herd, the gene pool, and to keep the Yellowstone buffalo herd healthy.
Yes, I would support a National Bison range for any reason.
No, I would not, the buffalo ought to be kept inside the Park.
There should not be any protection if they roam out of the Park.
I think that all Yellowstone wildlife should be protected in perpetuity within the two national parks and also thoughout the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. How can I get involved?
Do you consider yourself a religious person?
Never thought of it before.
If you are a religious person, how important is protecting and/or protecting and restoring nature/the creation for future generations?
Very Important.
Quite Important.
Somewhat Important.
Don't know/don't care.
Not very important.
Not important at all.
I have never thought about if before.
What is your political persuasion?
Strongly Republican.
Moderate Republican.
Republican, but not very strong.
Strongly Democrat.
Moderate Democrat.
Democrat, but not very Strong.
Other political Party.
Have never voted.
Will never vote.
I would rather not say.
Do you intend to vote in future elections?
Probably not.
Yes, my vote should count.
I have no interest in ever voting.
If the election is fair.
I believe in turning out to the polls and trying no matter come what may.
I have not yet voted, but I intend to next time.
Non Applicable -- I don't live in the United States.
Would you be willing to write a letter or a comment on behalf of saving the Yellowstone buffalo and other wildlife? Check all that apply.
Definately, where do I begin?
I don't have time.
Maybe, is there a place I can go to comment.
If there are enough others to make it worthwhile.
No, I never will comment to save the Yellowstone buffalo.
I will be glad to do anything I can to help the cause.
Do you think this poll is worth your time? We're getting close to the end.
Yes, I do.
I hope so.
I hope it helps.
I'm not sure.
I guess so.
No, it won't do any good.
Do you consider wildlife part of the scenery?
Not sure.
Do you think that mountains, prairies, meadows, forests, the geothermal areas, rivers, lakes, and views are more fascinating if you know wildlife are out there?
Makes no difference.
Do you think wildlife are more fascinating in a natural setting than in a zoo or cage or just by themselves?
Yes, definitely.
Seems reasonable.
Not sure.
Doesn't matter.
If you could help make it possible for someone who doesn't live in Yellowstone to be able to get there more often so that he/she could better work to protect Yellowstone, and their book advocates protection of the buffalo, while teaching future generations about it, would you buy his/her book? Please the answer closest to your point of vies.
Yes, I would be glad to buy the book.
I would at least take a look at it. Please tell me where the books are or will be when they are published.
What has that got to do with it?
I have no interest in helping a person in any way.
I have no interest in helping a person get to Yellowstone even though that is a part of his/her work.
Why are you asking this question?
It makes me happy to help anyone if it will make it better for all of us.
Where are you from?
I am from Wyoming.
I am from Idaho.
I am from Utah.
I am from Montana.
I am from Colorado.
I am from another state that is not any of the above.
I am from Canada.
I am from the United Kingdom.
I am from Mexico.
I am from none of the above but am from another country.
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