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Spin The Bottle

This is a poll about the game spin the bottle and the various ways to play.
Who is taking the poll
Female 0-12
Male 0-12
Female 13-15
Male 13-15
Male 16-17
Female 18+
Male 18+
Do you play /have you played spin the bottle
No way that is nasty
No but want to play both versions
No would only play kissing version if asked to play
Yes only kissing version (please answer kissing version questions only)
Yes only stripping version (please anwser stripping version questions only)
Yes both versions (please anwser questions about both versions)
Who plays the game
I am a girl -only girls play
I am aboy only boys play
I am a girl we have a mixed group but more girls than guys
I am a boy we have a mixed group but more guys than girls
I am a girl equal number girls and boys
I am a boy equal number of girls and boys
I am a girl more guys than girls
I am a boy more girls than boys
I am a girl the ONLY girl in the group
I am a boy the ONLY boy in the group
If you play the KISSING version answer this question if not please go to next question! Do you kiss the person no matter what?
Yes that is the rules
You don;t have to kiss same gender but have to kiss somebody
You can do a dare instead of kissing a person
Girls have to kiss girls but guys can subsitute dare or kissing another instead of kissing another guy
no you can refuse no penalty but you are out of the game
No we allow free outs
if you play the STRIPPING version please answer this one otherwise go to next question please How long do you play
We have time limit
We play until somebody is down to article of clothing we decided on before the game
We play until somebody is down to undies
We play until 1 person is nude
We play until all but the winner are nude
Other please post
KISSING VERSION PLAYERS How many people have YOU had to kiss in one game (diffrent people)
None I never lost a round (yeah right!)
KISSING VERSION PLAYERS Have YOU ever had to kiss player of same gender?
Hell NO would quit 1st
Yes I am a girl who kissed a girl liked or didn't mind it
Yes I am a girl who kissed a girl hated it
Yes I am a guy who kissed a guy liked or didn't mind it
Yes I am a Guy who kissed a guy hated it
STRIPPING VERSION PLAYERS How much have YOU had to take off
Nothing (yeah right again)
Shoes and or socks only
Shirt shoes and socks
Down to bra and panties
Down to boxers/briefs
Naked the only one who had to get naked
Naked 1st but not only
Naked but others were naked before I was
STRIPPING VERSION PLAYERS what happens when a person looses their last article of clothing ?
They have to stand up and show till games is over
They are out of the game (stand up and show 1st if set in the rules)
They can play but are naked no other penalty
They can play but have to do dares if no clothes
They can earn back clothes but only after totally nude
other please post
STRIPPING VERSION PLAYERS Have you ever palyed where at the end of the game you had to do a dare or didn't get your clothes back or had the winner decide when you got your clothes back
No but that is good idea I will try it
Yes had to do dares
Yes had to get winner to say we could dress
Yes didn't get clothes back till later
Yes didn't get clothes back till later and went home naked
Yes didn't get clothes back we palyed winner keeps clothes
Do you like this poll?
No same old stuff
it was ok
it was ok but a little long
yes I liked it
Will you post spin the bottle suggestions/stories etc in messages? Please don't check yes and then not post !
Yes-I am checking yes but mean no like I was asked not to do in the question
This poll was created on 2005-07-09 16:23:33 by Wild Kelli