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Girl Battle!

These babes battle for the Womens Championship there fate is in your hands there made up but who cares all matches are Bra and Panties format!
Who do you want to win-Missy VS Defending Champion Cassie?
Missy wins of course she has a great ass!
Cassie wins her boobs are just the best!
Who do you want to win-Amber VS Jill?
Jill wins her finisher Jill Cutter cuts down all opposition!
Amber wins she may be new but she packs a punch!
Who do you want to win-Angie VS Ally?
Angie wins she has a cute tight butt plus thong power!
Ally wins she has a nice ass and her finishers back a punch!
Who do you want to win-Mandie or Sara?
Mandie wins she has the power of thongs!
Sara wins who says girls who wear panties are weak?
Each girl has a person who wants to take them out-Mandie VS Missy,Angie VS Cassie,Ally VS Amber,Jill VS Sara!(please select one from each series)
1.Missy wins her ass is the best you will ever see!
1.Mandie wins she will crush Missy with Downward Spiral!
2.Angie wins her tight little butt will prevail!
2.Cassie wins her Casbomb will lay Angie out flat!
3.Ally wins her Spinebuster will finish Amber!
3.Amber wins she will cheat to win but who cares?
4.Jill wins she will crush Sara with Jill Cutter!
4.Sara wins Side Effect out of nowhere!
This poll was created on 2005-12-26 02:46:10 by StacyKeiblerLover