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The state of america

Here are some serious questions on the state of america and the knowledge of its citizens
What is your opinion on globalisation?
a)I dont know enough about it to formulate an opinion
b)I think it is bad for souvern nations
c)I think it is good for all countries
d)I think it is good for some countries
e)I think it is bad for all countries
f)I think it is part of a conspiracy for world government
who is the driving force behind globalisation?
a)united nations
b)western governments acting in the best interest of their citizens
c)the bilderberg group
d)council on forign relations
e)the international bankers
f)the illuminati
g)dont know
The federal reserve system is:
a)owned and operated by the federal government
b)owned and controled by private international bankers
c)dont know
According to the U.S. constitution who is authorized to "coin money"
a)the treasury department
c)the international banking cartel
d)dont know
What gives american currency value?
c)faith in the system
d)dont know
Which do you think is the best way to do things?
a)have a one world economy and government,where goods are produced in certain areas and shipped world wide.
b)each country produces goods for its own country according to its needs,importing and exporting only things that cannot be produced in said countries
c)dont know,its too complicated for me
d)other(list your ideas on message board)
Do you think the american economy will collapse?
d)dont know
e)too close to call
Have you ever heard of the ftaa?
What do you think of the patriot act?
a)like it,makes me feel safe
b)hate it,takes away my rights
c)whatever the government does is fine with me
d)the federal government already has too much power
e)dont know/no opinion
What do you think of cameras on all stop lights in every city?
a)like it,it makes me feel safe
b)hate it,big brother sucks
c)whatever,I dont care what happens as long as my tv works
What do you think of mandatory implantable microchips for everyone?
a)I like the idea
b)I dont like it,but if its the law I will do it
c)I would head for the hills and drop out of society
d)I will never submit,they would have to kill me first
e)whatever,I dont care what happens as long as my tv works
Who should control education?
a)local communities with parent involvement
b)federal government
c)state government
What do you think of internal checkpoints?
a)I shouldnt have to "show my papers" to drive down the road
b)it makes me feel safe
c)the government knows best
d)I shouldnt be stopped if I havnt broken any laws
What do you think of all roads having a toll charge?
a)the roads are paid for already,and besides,where are my tax dollars going?
b)it is fine with me,I will do whatever the government says
c)dont care either way,Im rich...screw everybody else
d)I dont like it,but will pay if I have to
Your tax dollars:
a)are spent wisely,efficiently and responsably and I dont care to see any record
b)the gov spends like druken sailors with no logic or care
c)we should give all our money to the government
Do you want to pay a world tax to the United Nations?
a)sure, they know what they are doing
b)hell no
c)whatever,I dont care what happens as long as my tv works
d)We already are,and it sucks!
E)we already are and I am glad
Do you think international law should trump american law?
Should the U.S. kick the U.N. out of the country and withdrawl from it?
What do you think of the state of america?
a)its fine,never been better
b)same as it ever was
c)not good,I think it is crumbling apart
d)dont know,I watch too much tv to notice
e)its ok,but it could be better
f)it is worse than its ever been and wont last another year
Have you ever read the book 1984?
In your opinion,true or false?A society needs a moral foundation to hold itself together,be it writtin by man or god
If you answered true, who should decide morals?
a)the government,always changing with the times
b)traditional christian values,respectable but not too oppresive,and dosn't change
c)the government,but never changing
d)traditional christian values,but with room to wiggle with the times,but not much
Do you trust the government?
Last question! If George washington and Thomas Jefferson were alive today,would you vote for them?
a)yes,of course,they founded this countries great way of life,liberty and freedom
b)no,they were "right wing extreamists" just like King George said.
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