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independant thinker

I am trying to see how people are doing intellectualy these days.
what would your reaction be if it were discovered that the mainstream media was using the tv and radio and newspaper to condition people phycologicaly with mass brainwashing,and a hundred million people have been brainwashed?
I would totaly freak out and kill myself
I would become overwhelmed
I would be very disturbed
I still wouldn't believe it because I am brainwashed
I would not be surprised,I already am suspicious of that
I would not be surprised,because I have been de-programmed already and am "awake"
I am one of the people doing the brainwashing
Do you believe it is technicaly possible to brainwash people using a tv?
dont know
If you had the opportunity to take over the world,would you go for it?
yes,in a heartbeat
I might,it depends
probably not
no way
If the very rich and powerful people in all the key positions of power seen an oppertunity to join forces and take over the world,do you think they would give it a try?
they already have it in the works
sure,I think they would jump on the opportunity
dont know
probably not
no way
do you think the department of education is trying to brainwash our children in public education,through textbooks and certain ways of thinking?
dont know
Did you know that the national education association was founded by two communists in 1920,John Dewey and Roger Nash Baldwin?
no,but I am going to research it now
Do you think the "dumbing down of america" was by accident or by design?
it was done on purpose
it just sorta turned out that way
dont know
how would you say the war on drugs is going?
I think it has made great progress in getting drugs off the streets and people off of drugs
I think we are slowly getting there
I think the battle will continue forever
I think it is unwinable and we should just surrender and legalize drugs
I think there are more drugs and addicts than ever before and we cant win
I think the cia and mafia are working together to distrubute illigal drugs in the country and that is why it is not a war we can win
how do you think the war on education is going?
the more money we put into it,the dumber the kids get
its hard to tell
american children are learning much better now that the federal government has takin over
this generation is the smartest generation of american students in the history of our country
How about the war on terror?
great,we almost got them wiped out
ok,but we will need a little more time
ok,but we need alot more time
It will never end
it is worse than ever
we will end up losing everything because of this war
Homeland security
We dont need another bureaucracy
We dont need another bureaucracy,it smacks of nazi-ism
just another useless department to suck our tax dollars
I have no opinion
I am glad we have them to help keep us safe
too bad it took 9/11 to get them here finaly,I was hoping for them to be created
On the lighter side,Why do you think I am ending this poll now?
Big brother just pulled up outside and I have to jump out the window to get away
I cant possibly think of another question to ask
I have to go poop
I am addicted to nicoteen and have to go outside to smoke
This poll was created on 2005-05-20 21:31:53 by new rising sun