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Final Fantasy: Advent Children

Some questions about the new movie Final Fantasy: Advent Children.
Are you planning on seeing Final Fantasy: Advent Children?
Yea, Been waiting over a year!
Na, FFVII never really interested me anyway.
What Theres A Movie Comin Out W/CLOUD STRIFE in it?!
Have you ever played FFVII before?
Only about 2-3 times!
Heard of it, but never played it.
Are your expections for the movie's story line as good as the one from the game?
Yes, I hope the movie carries the name(Don't we all)
I want the Cloud's personality 2 have a major change
I don't think they will live up to it
What about graphics?
i have seen them and they look so realistic
I was disapointed with what i've seen so far
I haven't seen any yet (go to ff7-2.com to see pics)
Who care about graphics, STORY, STORY, STORY!!
What do you think abotu the other people in the movie (from what we've seen in the trailers, images, ect.)?
I think they'll put a new & interesting spin on it
The new people are deff needed, the game is 7 y/o!
I want some old people back 2, more like Tifa, Yuffi
Thank God Clouds the main character!
Will cloud fall in love again(for all those who thought that he loved Aeris)
If the right person comes along.
No, i can't stand him, he doesn't deserve love
He's not capable of love, & didn't love Aeris.
If he does fall in love(again), what kind of girl would it be?
Some one like him, dark and very attractive.
A girl who loks dif but def a reincarnation of Aeris
Love?! Na, he'll be alone for ever, sad
Who cares!
Some one to care for him, lick his wounds, metally
He will die before he is loved by another :..(
From the scenes in the trailers, images, ect. do you think that Clouds fighting style has changed?
Yes, he's evoulved
Yes, I think that the change is bad
No, its stayed the same, & it fits his personality
It doesn't matter he kicks ass anyway
Lose the Buster already!
Do you that the release date, it being pushed back so much will affect you seeing the move(of course you see it later in time but i don't mean that.)
No, i will see it all the same (but i hate waiting)
Yea!I can't wait anymore(Make me want 2 see it more)
Yea, after a while i'll lose interest.
i think that whole "pushing back date" is a gimmic
I'm not goona see it anyway.
I hope you enjoy the movie as much as i will! Please rate my poll (10 being the best) It's my first! please be honest. Thanks!
0 Totaly suck not even interesting
1 mildly amusing
2 some what ok
3 ok
4 kinka good
5 good
6 i liked it a little
7 i liked it alot
8 Really interesting and cool
9 I think that its very detailed and worth taking
10 I loved it, & am happy to have taken it.
This poll was created on 2005-03-21 04:27:29 by CloudStrifesWifey