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Miscellaneous Junk For The Person Soul

This is an extremely long poll for those of you who are really bored like I am right now. So, if you have time on your hands for this extremely long poll right now which will probably take a really long time to complete and is full of junkola, be my guest. ^_^ *thumbs up*
Do you like waffles?
No comment
Do you think Matt from Digimon is a cool character?
YES! (you rock)
No, he stinks (you're the one who stinks!)
HE'S HOT!! (he's mine! MINE!)
Have you seen Lord Of The Rings?
Yes, all three
Yes, but only two
Yes, but only one
No, none of them
Do you think this quote one of my friends wrote is funny? "I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my...other handle? Oh no, I'm a sugarbowl!"
It isn't funny one bit
Are little annoying sisters sometimes the worst?
Oh yeah!
I dunno!
They aren't the worst
I don't have a little sis
Do you have a PlayStation 2?
No, I don't
Have you played any Kingdom Hearts games?
No, I haven't
Do you like the show Avatar: The Last Airbender?
I enjoy it
I hate it (you are a Loser!)
Never seen it
Never heard of it
Have you been to http://sstteot.proboards45.com/? (I need members. If you love Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, go and see it!)
I have! It rocks.
I haven't and I won't
I haven't but I'll join and see it (Cool!^_^)
Aren't dragons just so awesome?
Yes! They are cool!
No comment
I hate dragons
Do you want superpowers?
Of course I do!
I dunno
Of course I don't
Did you take a shower this morning?
Duh! Who doesn't?
I didn't and I don't plan to (I'm a dirty person)
I didn't but I am going to (Thank goodness)
Are Japanese manga comic books just so addicting?
OMG. Yes they are! (tee hee)
OMG. They are so STUPID!
Are you hungry right now?
I am starving (go eat, kid)
I'm a little hungry
I am not hungry right now
Do you do mottos?
I do!
I don't do mottos. Uncool
Do you have a friend that you met over the Internet?
I do! (Me too!)
I don't make friends with people over the net
Do you want to visit England?
I want to so badly!
I don't know! Let me think! (o_0)
No, not really
I live in England
Do you want to visit Norway?
I do! I do!
I live in Norway
Are English accents cool? (You'd better say yes! And I'm not saying that because I speak with an English accent! I love the accent!)
The accent is da bomb!
Can I skip this question? (No)
I hate the accent! (Go away then)
Have you ever gone into the opposite gender's bathroom?
I have (hee hee. It was fun)
I haven't (Do I look like I would do that?)
Do you laugh at really dumb/stupid/idiotic/moronic stuff?
I have the tendency
I don't (Then what do you laugh at?)
Does your computer stink?
Yep, it does
It's a good computer that doesn't spaz out
It smells like lilac! (Not that kind of stink!)
Are you bored of my poll already?
No, it's fun!
I don't no how to say what I want to....
I hate it. I should log off now (Then do it you stinking loser)
Is this website fun?
Yeah! WHOOOOO!! Go Misterpoll.com!
.....Do I have to answer? (Of course ya do!)
You don't want me to answer that question (sheesh, then why are you even here?)
Do you like, have to use the bathroom right now?
I gotta go SO badly!! (Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now)
Not really (but in a while I will probably)
I don't have to go right now
This question is giving me the feeling!
......Sorry, I was in the bathroom
Aren't chocobos just the cutest?
I can't stand them (LOOOOOOOSER!!)
What's a chocobo? (0.0)
I'm neutral toward them (ooookaaaaayy....)
CONGRATULATIONS!! Yay! You've reached the end of my boring and long poll! *confetti flies* So, rate this poll from one to ten. Ten= One of the best polls ever One= One of the worst polls ever
More than 10!! (That good, huh?)
Less than one (You're mean! Go bad mouth someone else's poll!)
This poll was created on 2005-03-27 23:11:44 by Envy~Rocks~My~Socks!!