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Successes of the Bush Presidency

In an effort to further stroke the ego of our leader, please take a moment to respond to the following questions:
Which of the following Bush acts is the most important in your opinion?
The flaming corpses of Iraqi civilians
The hundreds of wasted American lives
The robbing and pillaging of the elderly through the prescription drug plan
The robbing and pillaging of those who will be elderly through Social Security reform
The shameless pandering to the religious right lunatic fringe
The inability to answer a question directly
The deep concern over the steroid scandal
The upcoming capture and imprisonment of those who would have been able to declare bankruptcy in the past
The victorious overthrow of the liberal left by mandate of the American people
The appointment of sadists and lunatics to the federal judiciary
The resurrection of Reagan-era voodoo economics
I just love how he looks in tight jeans--policy means nothing
The worldwide loss of respect
What is the most important task facing our leader in the upcoming months?
Continuing to subvert the will of the American people
Making the rest of the world spew milk out of their noses with each statement he makes
Learning to breakdance so he can better relate to minorities
Converting the planet to Christianity
All of the above
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this brief survey. Rest assured that the executive branch values your every thought. For our records, please indicate your political affiliation:
Other (meaningless)
And your yearly income:
Over $500,000 per year
And your religious denomination:
Evangelical, Bush-loving, right-thinking Christian
This poll was created on 2005-03-08 05:12:12 by Dick Cheney