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Should babysitter be allowed to punish

This is a poll about what if any punishment babysitters should be allowed to use
You are a
Male who is babysit
Male who babysits
Male who used to babysit
Male parent
Female who is babysit
Female who babysits
Female who use to babysit
Female parent
Should a babysitter be allowed to punish a sitee
No not ever
No but do tell the parents so they can take care of the problem
Only with parents permission and exactly how parents say
Only with parents permission
Yes but only with parents permission or all else has failed and babysitter will lose control of situation
Yes but must have parents permission or explain in detail what happen when parents return
Yes the should be able to punish
Yes I'm a babysitter and won't take a job unless I can punish the kids if the do wrong
Yes but only if babysitter is an adult otherwise not allowed
Does age of the child make a diffrence in your decision if babysitter can punish (NOTE just asking about decison if babysitter can punish not deciding what punishment)
Depends on age of the babysitter
Depends on age diffrence between babysitter and sitee
Depends on if babysitter is a teen or an adult(diffrent rules about punishment if adult)
What punishment for children (AGAIN NOT INFANTS) choose all that should apply
No punishment
Punishment should be left to parents
Timeouts / Cornertime / sit in chair etc
No snack /dessert /treat etc
No tv /computer/games etc
Sent to room
Sent to bed early
Not allowed to go outside to play
Not allowed to play with friends etc
Lines or letter of apology etc
Extra chores
Extra items taken from school work
Spanking bare bottom
Spanking with cornertime
Spanking bare bottom with cornertime
Should the babysitter have to explain what happened to the parents
The babysitter should not punish but tell the parents
No it was taken care of
No it might get the child punished again
Yes unless the babysitter and child agreed not to
Yes and explain the punishment was done
Yes with the child present and explain the punishment
This poll was created on 2005-04-03 00:40:14 by Hey its me