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Guys, is your younger brother stronger than you?

Does any guy have a problem having to deal with a younger brother who is superior to you?
How old are you?
13 or less
How old is your brother?
10 or less
Is your little brother stronger than you are?
Yes, a lot stronger
Yes, a little bit
We're about even
No, I'm a little stronger
No, I'm a lot stronger
If he is stronger, how long has it been that way?
As long as I can remember
Quite a while
It is a pretty recent development
Is he better looking than you are?
Yes, by far
Yes, a little bit
We're about even
No, I'm a bit more attractive
No, I'm much better looking
How do your bodies compare?
He is much more muscularly built than I am
He has a little more muscle than me
We're about the same
I have a little more muscle
I have much more muscle than he does
How does your height and weight compare?
I'm taller and heavier
I'm taller, but he outweighs me
I'm taller but we weigh the same
Same height, same weight
Same height, but I weigh more
Same height, but he weighs more
He's taller and heavier
He's taller, but I weigh more
He's taller, but we weigh the same
Which one of you does better with the opposite sex?
I do much better, the girls prefer me
I do a little better then he does
We both do pretty equally
He gets a few more girls than I do
He gets all the girls attention, and I get nothing
If he is stronger than you, which of the following applies to you?
He teases me about it a lot
He compares his muscles to mine to show off
He has me compete against him alot in wrestling or other tests of strength
I am really jealous of his physical superiority
I feel like a puny wimp because of it
I am afraid of him because I know he can take me
I'm proud of him being so strong
It doesn't bother me at all, I'm still the big bro
If he is better looking or has a better body, which of the following applies?
I am jealous of his looks/body
He knows he's more attractive and rubs it in
I try to avoid being seen with him because I feel inferior
I avoid shorts or sleeveless shirts because my body looks so bad compared to his
I hate him for it
It doesn't bother me at all
I am proud of him for it
It inspires me to try harder to look better
If he does better with girls, which of the following applies?
I'm jealous of him
He brags about it a lot to me
It's all ok with me
I feel inferior-he IS my little brother after all
I don't care, I still do all right
I'm proud of him
Has he even stolen a girlfriend or potential girlfriend, or even a girl you just had a crush on?
Yes, it was terrible
Yes, but all's fair
No, I keep any girl I like away from him
No, he wouldn't do that
No, I've been lucky so far
No, he couldn't do it if he tried
Do people ever think he's older than you are?
Yes, and I hate that
Yes, but it's fine
No, he looks younger
Did he reach puberty before you did?
Yes, and it sucked. I felt self conscious
Yes, but no big deal
We did it about the same time
No, I luckily beat him to that
If he reached puberty first, or is larger and stronger than you, do your parents treat him like he's older than you?
Yes, they let him do things I can't even do yet
Yes, they treat me like a little kid
No, they are fair anyway
If you have a girfriend or you have a friend that's a girl, has she made any of the following comments about him?
Your brother is really goodlooking/hot/sexy/built
Your brother's arms are bigger than yours
I bet he gets a lot of girls
Is he older than you?
This poll was created on 2005-03-20 19:27:01 by smallalan