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The Justin Timberlake Poll

this is jus ur opinion bout his best song on his album, best single, w/ n'sync or not, otha stuff.
1. Better w/ N'SYNC or Solo??
N'SYNC All the way!!
Solo, he's hotter n has a bigger fanbase!!
2. What GF do u prefer him w/??
Britney, he looked so much happier w/ her, they r soulmates!!
Cameron, she's tougher lookin n not that sweet lil southern gurl.
3. Justin says his album is not all bout Britney, it's bout his otha experiences 2, do u believe it??
Yes, why would he lie?? n plus u can jus tell in sum of the lyrics that he's not meanin her.
No, not 1 bit, listen 2 Cry Me A River, Never Again, Still On My Brain etc.
I Don't Know, i neva rly listenin closely 2 the lyrics.
4. What is the best single off of Justified??
Like I Love You
Cry Me A River
Rock Your Body
None of em, he shoulda picked different songs.
5. Did you think the Justified/Stripped Tour was a good idea??
Yes, they put up a great performance n it looked cute!
No, Justin n Christina neva shoulda even thought about tourin together!
I Don't Know, i neva went to it or seen a clip or heard a clip of it.
6. Do u think the ring Justin gave Cameron is an engagement ring or a "friendship" ring as they claim??
It's definitely an engagement ring, i mean come on look at that diamond n on the ring finger??
It's a friendship ring, i dont think Justin would pop the question when they look so miserable 2gether.
I Don't Know, I'll wait n see!
7. Even if Justin n Cameron do get married, what if they divorce..do u think him n Britney will ever hook up again??
No, they're over for good, they broke up 3 yrs. ago 4get bout it!
Yes, I still think they r soulmates n will definitely hook up again in the future!
It is possible, I'll neva no until it happens or not.
This poll was created on 2005-02-24 03:43:54 by Gianna