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GUYS> How do you like girls to dress?

This is just a little poll to help figure out which kind of girls the guys go for by what style or clothes they wear..
If a girl you were hot for walked into the room, you'd usually get the most turned on if she were wearing... BE HONEST
a cute tight sweater,you love the conserved look
a preppy white blouse that covers her all up
a cute shirt that bares just enough of midrift
a very tight fancy shirt that displays cleavage
a sweatshirt or something baggy.. it dont matter
what kind of accesories do you find the sexiest on a girl?
nice bracelets
pretty neckalace
diamond earrings
In general, what type of hair is the sexiest?
back in a ponytail
down straightened perfectly
down and in sexy waves
up in some pretty way
What would you find to look the hottest on them, turns you on the most?
tight black shirt baring just enough of midrift
preppy collared shirt
pink zip up with nice shirt underneath
very tight in everyway but nice green shirt
cute brown sweater
What color do you find when girls wear you cannot help but get turned on?
any shade of pink
any shade of brown
yellow or orange
When it comes to perfume, what turns you on most?
any strong designer scent
a fruity smell usually does it
vanilla-ish perfume
dessert perfume
What type of shoes do you like them wearing?
sexy colored flats ( heels means trying to hard)
any type of heels
thong sandals are always good
sneakers.. whatever
uggs always make them look good
mocassins, they look great
If a girl is about 5'5/ 5'6, what type shoes would look best on her?
heels to make her even taller
sexy flats, otherwise she'll look too tall
what underwear would get you most excited
what type of look gets you going most?
long glance with a little smirk
wide eyed stare(more on the good side)
fluttering eyelashes in awe
when passing you she gives a shy/mischevous smile
an all out huge flirt smile with teeth exposed
Which is the BIGGEST hint that a girl is hot for you? .. think...
giggles at everything you say
flutters eyelashes when looking at you
when passing you gives a huge spontaneous smirk
when a girl passes you in the hallway and just gives a random sexy/mischevous/spontaneous smile this means.....
she caught you looking at her and is suprised
she thinks your annoying and wants you to leave
she thinks your hot and is trying to display that
she likes you but is shy
she has a huge crush on you
shes just being friendly
What would you rather girls wear
a cute skirt
low rise tight jeans
When a girls thong somehow is showed accidentally you find this..
disgusting...thats slutty and she should cover up
sexy .. and need to look before its gone
so cute..i wonder if she even knows its showing
The reason guys stare when girls thongs are showing (accidentally or not) is because
its disgusting n gross
its very sexy and hot
you feel bad its showing
Do you like it when their undergarments shows accidentally say through a shirt or the straps show?
If there is ever a time you behind a girl you think is hot wheres the first place you look?
sexy flowing hair
nice ass
nice long legs
back or feet
If a guy has put his arm around u a couple of times , and always finds excuses to touch and shake your hand and just be touchy feely he..
Def likes you
Def wants you
probably doesnt like you
tell the truth when a group of girls(one of the girls your hot for at the time included) starts laughing or giggling and then looks at you ... you...
think their making fun of you in some way
are just laughing at something else n look at me
are just laughing because something is funny
laughing bc their childish n have a crushh aww
color nailpolish preferred on them?
red is hot
pink is always sexy
a light pink/neaural is perfect
This poll was created on 2005-02-23 17:52:27 by dara2323