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Teen Titans fans, you MUST take this poll! (Part 2!)

This is the sequel to my first Teen Titans poll! If you've already taken the first one and loved it, then don't forget to take this poll!
Who is cuter, Silkie the mutant worm or Larry, Robin's DNA buddy?
Neither (how could you!)
I can't choose! They're both so awesome!
Do you think Mas y Menos (is that how you spell it?) the Spanish dudes are fuuny?
Hilarious (in the sarcastic way)
They are dumb, stupid, and annoying! (I hate you)
They are cool but not funny
Who are Mas y Menos?
Would you rather go out with Beast Boy or Robin?
Beast Boy (I like his pointy ears)
Robin (he's a superhero and hot!)
Neither (they are unworthy of me)
Neither, I'm a guy!!
Can I go out with both? (no)
Who has a cooler Slade suit, Robin or Terra?
Robin all the way!
Terra, duh!
They both looked stupid
They were both awesome!
Would you rather go out with Starfire or Raven?
Starfire (she's on Starfire! You know, Star-FIRE? Get it?)
Raven (I like 'em fiesty!)
None of them!
Eww! I'm, like a girl!
I love them both so much
Would you go out with Cyborg for a thousand bucks?
Bring him on!
No, not even for one million!
I'm a guy, hello!
Who's a better archer, Speedy or Legolas?
Speedy, whooooo!!
Legolas the whole nine yards
I don't know!
They are both pretty bad
Both are good?
If you could find out about any of the Teen Titans characters' pasts, whose would you study?
Beast Boy
Other (other villains and good guys)
I don't want to learn about any of them!!
Who has better electricity skills, Thunder and Lightning or Static (from Static Shock)?
Thunder and Lightning (oh yeah baby!)
Static (loser. He stinks!)
Neither of them
They tie (you wish)
Do you want to learn the Tamaranian language spoken on Starfire's planet, Tamaran?
No, not really
Starfire can speak another language?!
Uhh... (you're drooling!)
If you had superpowers and if the Teen Titans really existed, would you join their team?
Yeah! The Teen Titans have it all!
No, I fly solo
Not sure
I would rather join Titans East
Who is your favorite Titans East character?
Mas y Menos
They all stink! (you are an idiot!)
Who has a cooler tower, the Teen Titans or the Titans East?
Teen Titans!
Titans East!
Do you think the Titans East will be successful?
Yes, they will be a good team against evil
No, without Cyborg, they'll sink like stones
Not sure
Do you want to write me a message about something Teen Titans or just send a vote?
Write a Teen Titans induced message! (YAY!!)
Just send vote (meanie!)
I don't know!! (then send your stinkin' vote already and scram!)
One last question, what do you think Mas y Menos means in English and Spanish? (I want to know if anyone knows their Spanish.)
Seize the day (that's what carpe diem means!)
Vini, vidi, vici (That's Roman, not Spanish!)
Plus and minus
Sum and difference
More or less
Add or subtract
This poll was created on 2005-02-12 01:25:40 by Envy~Rocks~My~Socks!!