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What turns you "on" concerning male actors?

THIS IS A FEMALE-ONLY/ HOMOSEXUAL MEN- ONLY POLL!! Since I'm hearing everywhere that Orlando Bloom and random young equally talentless hacks are now "admired by everyone" I want to know what you LOOK for in an actor you "would potentially have a crush on" and like a lot. Let's see if the results turn out what I expect them to be.
What must an actor have to become your favourite actor? (Select only the one most important thing to you personally)
He must be popular
His looks must appeal to me personally
He must be a good actor
He must appear in movies that I really like
He must be single
He must be funny
He must be somebody I could imagine having a relationship with
Now, what would turn you off of considering an actor as your favourite actor? Try to select as few as possible, for best results.
The actor in question is not hip or "in" at all
The actor in question is "too old" (40 >)
The actor can't act
The actor has a terrible voice/accent
The actor doesn't come from my country
The actor isn't as cute as some others I know
What's the optimal age for a male actor LOOK-WISE according to you?
0-9 years
10-16 years
17-20 years
21-25 years
26-30 years
30-35 years
36-40 years
41-45 years
46-50 years
50-55 years
56-60 years
60-65 years
66-70 years
70 > years
And what is, according to you, the OPTIMAL age for an actor?
0-9 years
10-16 years
17-20 years
21-25 years
26-30 years
30-35 years
36-40 years
41-45 years
46-50 years
50-55 years
56-60 years
60-65 years
66-70 years
70 > years
What's your "type-preference" concerning actors? Select the one closest to what you like to see most on screen. (a.k.a What turns your crack)
Adolescent, cute, shaggy-haired, slightly nerdy
Adolescent, cute, hip, trendy, courageous
Young (20's-early 30's), rather androgynous, hip, bi-sexual, sexy
Young, sexy, romantic, couragious
Middle-aged (late 30's - late 40's), sexy, romantic, hip
Middle-aged, courageous, sexy, clever, tender
Middle-aged, ugly, miserable, hateful
Middle-aged, troubled, handsome, brooding
Middle-aged, "cute guy from next door" type
Middle-aged, reserved, mysterious, sad, troubled
Middle-aged, evil, malevolent, ugly, dangerous
Ripe (50's >), sexy, romantic, courageous
Ripe, understanding, caring, smart, clever
Ripe, old crackpot, crabby, miserable
Ripe, father-type
Ripe, grandfather type
Ripe, evil, malevolent and wicked
Now, strictly look-wise. What type appeals to you?
Short black hair, rather short
Short brown hair, rather short
Short blond hair, rather short
Short dyed hair, rather short
Short black hair, average size
Short brown hair, average size
Short blond hair, average size
Short dyed hair, average size
Short black hair, rather tall
Short brown hair, rather tall
Short blond hair, rather tall
Short dyed hair, rather tall
Middle-length black hair, short
Middle-length brown hair, short
Middle-length blond hair, short
Middle-length dyed hair, short
Middle-length black hair, average
Middle-length brown hair, average
Middle-length blond hair, average
Middle-length dyed hair, average
Middle-length black hair, tall
Middle-length brown hair, tall
Middle-length blond hair, tall
Middle-length dyed hair, tall
Long black hair, short
Long brown hair, short
Long blond hair,short
Long dyed hair, short
Long black hair, average
Long brown hair, average
Long blond hair, average
Long dyed hair, average
Long black hair, tall
Long brown hair, tall
Long blond hair, tall
Long dyed hair, tall
Last but not least, a couple of questions for me to get to know you better. How old are you?
5-9 years
10-14 years
15-17 years
18-24 years
25-30 years
31-36 years
37-40 years
41-45 years
46-50 years
51-55 years
56-60 years
61-65 years
66 or above
How would you describe yourself concerning your general taste? Are you mainstream?
Totally mainstream
Mostly mainstream
Half mainstream
Overly not mainstream
Not mainstream
This poll was created on 2005-02-14 20:15:36 by Theatre of Tragedy