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Is the IRS right to cover up Section 861?

The IRS refuses to answer questions about Section 861 of the United States Income Tax Code. Are they right to try to cover this up, or should the public know the truth? To see the explosive evidence hidden in the tax code for yourself, visit http://www.861.info and click on the CD icon to watch a brief flash animation. Then come back to this page and take a poll on it.
Having seen the 861 Evidence presentation, do you think your income is taxable?
I still believe my income is taxable.
I now have doubts about whether my income is taxable.
I am now convinced that my income is not taxable.
Do you believe that the government has an obligation to answer the questions about the 861 Evidence?
I do not believe the government has an obligation to answer the questions.
The government should provide general explanations, but is not obligated to answer such questions in individual cases.
I believe the government should be able and willing to answer any reasonable question someone has about how to determine what he owes.
If, after looking at the law, someone concludes that his income is not taxable, do you believe it is justifiable for that person to stop paying?
If popular opinion and most tax professionals say that someone owes the tax, I believe he should pay it regardless of his own research or opinions.
If someone concludes, based on the law itself, that his income is not taxable, I believe it is justifiable (even if risky) for that person not to pay.
Do you think it is proper for the government to prosecute someone for relying on the 861 evidence, without first answering the questions?
The government has no obligation to answer questions before prosecuting someone for not filing or not paying.
If someone asked the questions about the 861 evidence, it is improper for the government to prosecute him without first answering the questions.
What do you think about the government trying to dissuade or prohibit Americans from stating their beliefs about the tax laws?
I think the government is justified in silencing those whose opinions about the law are contrary to the opinions of government officials.
The government should prohibit non-lawyers from giving legal advice, but should not punish people just for stating their opinions.
I don't think using the force of law to prevent someone from voicing his opinion about the tax laws is ever justified.
Having seen the 861 Evidence presentation, do you intend to tell others about it?
I don't plan to mention it to other people.
I may mention it to a few people, but I don't plan on being very vocal about it.
Yes, I intend to pass it on to many people.
This poll was created on 2005-01-14 13:58:14 by Starchild