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Our Next Step Toward World Domination

As one with an interest in taking over the universe, I would like to ask the free, democratic citizens of America who they would like to see "liberated" next.
Which of the following countries should be the next beneficiary of a United States Liberation Integration Elevation? Check all that apply please. We have lots of money and time to work on these things. Rest assured, each country will be set free as soon as possible.
North Korea
The People's Republic of China
The United Kingdom (They'll never see it coming!)
Indonesia (Haven of terrorists using your relief money)
South Korea (What the hell.)
Australia (We could liberate the kangaroos!)
Amsterdam (but leave the rest of Holland)
Of the countries you selected for liberation, which of the following is the best way of presenting it to the intelligent, perceptive citizens of the United States?
We have to liberate them because they have big scary weapons that will be used against us.
We have to liberate them because they are directly linked with terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda. Maybe.
We have to liberate them because we have more of a right to their natural resources than they do.
Jesus wants us to liberate them.
There is no longer a Jesus. We liberated him.
If we neglect our duty to liberate the citizens of this nation, they will never participate in free, democratic elections which are completely antithetical to their culture and way of life.
We must liberate them because Emperor Bush demands it!
If you are in favor of the god-fearing, right-thinking United States of America liberating the whole planet in the name of Jesus, how do you describe your political leanings?
Republican (hard-core, ass-whipping)
Republican (hard-right conservative)
Republican (moderate)
Republican (religious right)
If you do not favor the United States liberating the rest of the planet over time, how do you describe your politcal leanings?
Godless Smut Peddler
Homosexual Child Molestor
If you are in favor of US world domination, which of the following methods is the best way to achieve it?
Military Invasion
Cultural Overthrow (a McDonalds on every block)
Religious Crusade (Kill 'Em All for Jesus)
Lots of Big Ole Bombs--Don't Matter Why
Diplomacy (reserved for pansies)
In order to assist in world liberation, we must stop holding elections so frequently. They disrupt our attempts to help other countries form free democratic societies full of freedom and democracy and liberty. In order to alleviate the pressure of these elections, choose the following as George W. Bush's allowed term in office beginning in 2005.
8 years.
16 years.
32 years.
Bush should stay in office until he dies.
I am going to kill W (please leave contact information in the message section so we can arrest you.).
Bush will never die because of the agreement he made with Our Lord Jesus to shepherd his people into the Kingdom of Heaven, Amen.
Which of the following statements seems untrue to you? (There is only one right answer.)
War is Peace
Hate is Love
Blowing the Hell Out of Something is Liberating It
Christians can support war without remorse.
That Kerry guy wasn't so bad (<--UNTRUE!).
Thank you for assisting in the Liberation Integration Elevation. Please rate your satisfaction with your service:
I am happy to have helped.
Thank the Lord I was given this opportunity.
Are you really a government figure?
I hate liberals.
This poll was created on 2005-01-16 01:13:07 by Dick Cheney