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Religion and Politics

Should there be some constraints on politicians in using religion in campaigning
Are you:
Which of these most closely reflects your views:
Talk of God and religion is acceptable by politicians when they are campaigning
Politicians should not mention religion or God when they are campaigning
Politicians mentioning religion or God in campaining is ok but they should not use it to lure any specific religion or group to vote for them
The mention of religion should never be used by a politician in any way
Do you feel that religious groups should:
Stay out of politics completely
Lobby in Washington for the things they believe are right
Only vote for a candidate who believes in what they do
Devote time and money to help a candidate get elected that represents their causes
Which view best reflects your opinion
The United States is base on religion and you can not have government without Christianity
The United States should have a government that does not involve itself with religion since it promotes freedom of all religions
Those who do not feel that religion belongs in Government are antipatriotic
Those who feel that religion should be a part of government are hypocrites
Do you feel that religion has become a fad lately?
I am not sure
Do you believe that the government should pass laws to intervene on issues that are strictly morality based?
I am nbt sure
Which of the following are issues that the United States government should pass laws to abolish and make illegal?
Gay marriage
tax money being used for non-religious education
tax money being used for religious education
None of the above
Which of the following are decisions that are people should make according to their own beliefs?
Gay marriage
whether or not to send your children to a religious based school
all of the above
Do you feel the government has overstepped its roll in trying to make Americans more religious today?
Not sure
Do you believe that since 2001:
Too many Americans have gone off the edge and are all jumping on the religion fad but are really hypocritical and can not accept anyone who doesn't agree with their own religious beliefs
Most Americans have not changed in their religious activities at all
Most Americans want government to enforce religious beliefs, but only the ones that they believe in
Most Americans wish government would stay out of religion
This poll was created on 2005-01-08 19:01:48 by allmusicfan