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Driving and the rich

Are we SLAVES for the rich, and driving is our way of "working" for them?
Driving is killing our planet, as well as providing many tax dollars and kick-backs to shady politicians and those who profit the most from oil-the rich. The rest of us are esentially paying for them to be rich, and honestly, we will never be rich if we keep giving the money we earn away on things like insurance and car payments, (not to mention parking tickets and parking itself.) In fact, public transit is avoided in this country BECAUSE so many rich people make money off of it... which is a great reason NOT to drive! Why give OUR money away to THEM! Demanding country-wide public transit is the obvious answer to even out the distribution of wealth... we could all drive less and less to slow the profits of those who make money off cars, and we wouldn't be on the road with intoxicated drivers daily!
Sure! Then, being rich people, they'll go try and make $$$ elsewhere!
No drunk drivers to deal with? That would rock!
No insurance or tickets, that would rock!
Response #1
It is obvious on a map of weather patterns on the west coast that our freeways change our rainfall. In California, the rain stops over the freeway, as it does in Washington. This obvious man-made effect worries me, and says a lot about the case for global warming. (After all, cars are portable heaters... just look at the temperature of parking garages vs. outside the garage, yuck)... But my biggest complaint still lies in that people have been commiting suicide in their garages by sitting in their car idling, with the windows on their car open, and their garage closed up tight, for years. How do we NOT view the ENTIRE planet as a giant garage?! Obviously we have atmosphere, and once it fills up with our emissions from our pollution machines, then what? Will it just 'go away'? Of course not! So what are we thinking? And why are the rich so stupid that they don't realize they won't be able to spend all that oil money if they can't breathe, and die?
I'm not sure.
Some other response.
This poll was created on 2004-12-26 00:00:28 by Recycled/Reused/Better Old/Not New