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Pinochet, friend or foe?

Recently Augusto Pinochet has been under investigation for human rights "violations," much like the Democrats Middle Class Tax Cut, this is everything but the last word (to quote Ann Coulter). Also for genocide. Lets see what YOU think!
Have you heard of Augusto Pinochet?
Yes, and I am an expert!
Yes, I have read a bit
Yes, but I don't know that much
Possibly, wasn't he that guy that saved Chile from the commies?
not sure
NO- please go to messaging board
For those of you who had, what do you think about him?
He is a hero!
He was overall good for the world
He was overall good for Chile
He was not exactly bad, but was not good either
Though his actions were regrettable, I admire him
No opinion
I dislike him
I detest him
He was worse for his nation and the world than Bill Clinton (btw thats pretty bad)!
He saved Chile from the Castroite dictator Salvatore Allende, isnt that good?
Course! 'Bout time someone put those commies in place
Kind of
No Opinion
No, Now let me burn this dollar, light..light...
Assuming you think what he did was wrong, how should he be punished?
He was a hero, leave the poor guy alone!
He should be deported to Chile and not allowed to leave
He should be forced to never hold a government position again in any nation
He should be placed under house arrest
He should be imprisoned
He should be in solitary confinement
He should be executed (huh? you mean he's innocent? I dont care, I am Bill Clinton, I am a communist and blood calls for blood!)
This poll was created on 2005-01-03 15:14:40 by Me_yea_me