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Britney Spears the Queen of Squeeze

what would you favourite fantasies be regarding britney spears and her gorgous legs
if britney would squeeze your head between her enormous thighs what could she do to you ?
she wouldn't cause any damage.
my head would get red after some time of getting squeezed.
she would squeeze me till i pass out and wake me up by kissing me
i quit due to the pain but she'd squeeze me harder caus some serious head damage
my skull would crack
if britney would wrap her legs around your waist and start squeeze you face to face between her thighs what would happen ?
i would have to show some pain
i would be able to take it for some time
i would try to spread her musculare legs appart
i'd feel my ribs bending& coldn't breath properly
i would cry and she would even squeeze me harder and kiss me
my ribs crack right away and she'd lick my face and laugh about me
she squeeze me & i suffocate but she would just keep on squeezing my limp body
what should britney spears do to you while squeezing the live out of your pethitic body wirh her massive legs?
she should kiss me on my lips
she should kiss me on my cheeks
she should kiss my whole face
she should lick my face all over
she should lick and kiss my face all over
she'd kiss me so hard that i can't breath anymore
she should punch me in the face
pull my hair
spit at me
bite me
she'd tell me my live will end between her legs
she shouldsay:"i will squeeze ya to death sweety"
just laugh about me and see me passing out
she should press by face against her boobs and make me pass out due to a lack of oxygen, caused by her squeezing and boob pressing
what part of britneys legs do you like most
the enormous thighs of britney
her huge and muscular calves
her gorgous feet and each and every single toe
would you like to die between britney spears legs?
yes, i wouldn't like to die anywhere else
that would be the most beautiful way of dieing
no, i would rather like to die between her boobs
what do think of Britney Spears' massive legs?
They are out of this world and I hope they even get bigger
they should stay as they are
i want them smaller
is britney a superior person in sex and in leg strenght
yes, would be her slave and wouldn't be able to do anything against her sex needs an her legstrength
she would be like a dominatress in bed and i would have to do everything she sais, or else she would punish me by squeezing me
This poll was created on 2005-03-02 12:57:22 by 1985