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Buffy vs. Angel vs. Dark Angel

That's right, a poll about all things Buffy/Angel and Dark Angel, a competition to see who will wind up on top. Or which show is better.
Favourite Show?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dark Angel
Best main star?
David Boreanaz(Angel)
Sarah Michelle Gellar(Buffy Summers)
Jessica Alba(Max Guevera on Dark Angel)
Best Supporting Actor?
James Marsters(Spike on Angel)
Nicholas Brendan(Xander on Buffy)
Jensen Ackles(Alec on Dark Angel)
Best Supporting Actress?
Amy Acker(Winifred Burkle/Illyria on Angel)
Alyson Hannigan(Willow on Buffy)
Valerie Rai Miller(Original Cindy on Dark Angel)
Best Other Actor?
Alexis Denisof(Wesley on Angel)
Anthony Stewart Head(Giles on Buffy)
Michael Weatherly(Logan on Dark Angel)
Best Other Actress?
Charisma Carpenter(Cordelia on Angel)
Emma Caulfield(Anya on Buffy)
Ashley Scott(Asha on Dark Angel)
Best Good Monster?
Andy Hallett(Lorne on Angel)
James C. Leary(Clem on Buffy)
Kevin Durand(Joshua on Dark Angel)
Best Villain?
Vladimir Kulich(The Beast on Angel)
David Boreanaz(Angelus on Angel)
Clare Kramer(Glory on Buffy)
Harry Groener(The Mayor on Buffy)
Alyson Hannigan(Evil Willow on Buffy)
John Savage(Lydecker on Dark Angel)
Martin Cummings(Ames White on Dark Angel)
Best Betrayal from Evil to Good?(Faith goes to Angel because she turned good on an Angel episode, not Buffy)
Eliza Dushku(Faith on Angel)
James Marsters(Spike on Buffy, Becoming Part 2)
John Savage(Lydecker on Dark Angel)
Best Betrayal from Good to Evil?(Though Alec never really betrayed, I think killing his girlfriend counts as a betrayal, even though it was an order and it was an accident.)
Alexis Denisof(Wesley on Angel, in Sleep Tight)
Eliza Dushku(Faith on Buffy, in Bad Girls)
Jensen Ackles(Alec on DA, in Berrisford Agenda)
Best Episode?
Smile Time(Angel)
You're Welcome(Angel)
Once More, with Feeling(Buffy)
The Berrisford Agenda(Dark Angel)
Freak Nation(Dark Angel)
Most dramatic episode?
A Whole in the World(Angel)
The Body(Buffy)
Harbor Lights(Dark Angel)
Most Romantic Episode?
I Will Remember You(Angel)
Borrowed Time(Dark Angel)
Best Special Guest?(William Gregor Lee is Zach)
Charisma Carpenter(You're Welcome(Angel))
Alyson Hannigan(Orpheus(Angel))
David Boreanaz(The Yoko Factor(Buffy))
Juliet Landau as Drusilla(Crush(Buffy))
William Gregor Lee(Some Assembly Required(Dark))
John Savage(Proof of Purchase(Dark Angel))
This poll was created on 2004-12-09 03:26:20 by bryhil04