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The Princess Poll

This poll is for girls, duh, since we all dream of being a Princess at one time or another. This will cover real Princess scenarios as well as the Disney variety. But unless you marry Wills or are as rich as Paris, Princesshood remains a fantasy.
Alright, Princesses! What is your favorite rather recent Princess movie?
The Princess Diaries (I and II)
Cinderella Story
The Prince and Me
Who makes the best Princess?
Anne Hathaway (Pr. Diaries)
Hilary Duff (Cinderella Story)
Julia Stiles (The Prince and Me)
Who's the hottest Prince?
Chris Pine (Nicholas, Pr. Diaries)
Chad Michael Murray (Austin, Cinderella Story)
Luke Mably (Pr. Edward, The Prince and Me)
Would YOU like to be a Princess?
Yes! *giggles*
Just treat me like one
No thanks, not my style
Who would you rather marry, Prince William or your favorite male celebrity?
Prince William
favorite celebrity
If you chose Prince William, why?
So I could be a real Princess, and eventually Queen!
So that my first born child would be heir to the throne
Because Wills is wealthier than most male celebs (I think.)
I just think Wills is super hot, doesn't matter that he's a Prince!
If you chose your favorite male celeb, why?
I love him.
He's just WAY hotter than Wills
I'd rather live in Hollywood, I'd be treated like a Princess anyway
I don't want that Princess crapolla
Would you marry Prince Harry eventhough you'd never be Queen?
Yes, Harry's a hottie
No, Harry ain't hot
Princess Life. Which is your favorite Princess accessory?
the Tiara, of course!
the septor
the little white dog
the fancy ULTRA HAUTE COUTURE clothing
the designer handbag
the glass slippers
Princesses we know and love. Who is your favorite Disney Princess?
Snow White
Belle aka Beauty
Sleeping Beauty aka Aurora
Ariel (Little Mermaid)
Jasmine (Aladdin)
None, I hate Disney
Which of these three is your favorite Princess?
Princess Fiona (Shrek)
Princess Arwen (Lord of the Rings)
Princess Leia (Star Wars)
Which celebrity female most THINKS (and acts like) she's a Princess?
If you were a Princess, would you be spoiled and selfish like Paris, or giving and helpful to others in need like Princess Diana was?
Spoiled selfish
Giving and helpful
some of each, depending on my mood
Choose your Prince. This is the most important and wonderful part of being a Princess, chosing your future King. Who/What type of Prince would you choose?
Someone hot and sexy: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom or Brad Pitt
Someone painfully cute: Elijah Wood, Aaron Carter or Devon Sawa
Someone dashingly handsome: Ben Affleck, Paul Walker or Viggo Mortensen
Someone strong and tough: Vin Diesil, Eric Bana or Mel Gibson
Someone masculine yet pretty: Josh Hartnett, Nick Lachey or Jude Law
Someone goofy yet hot: Jerry O'Connell, Ben Stiller or Seann William Scott
I told you, Wills!
What would you MOST want to be?
A Princess!
A Dark Succubus able to control and manipulate men by their weaknesses
A regular chick. I don't have time for that bull.
This poll was created on 2004-12-28 09:01:42 by taech